Sketch Home Remodeling Plan

Time to Get Your Ideas On Paper

Now that you have the idea what you want to do, use this step plan to formulate your home remodeling idea into a design plan that can be used to bid the project to a contractor.


sketch your remodeling plans

Design the Objective

Let's begin with the design objective. What are you looking to accomplish in your home remodeling?

— newer kitchen
— room addition
— greater size dimension
— working office environment
— other?___________________

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sketch your remodeling plans

Sketch Your Plan

Sketch your ideas on piece of paper. Don't get bogged down with details. That will come later when working with an architect or designer.

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sketch your remodeling plans

View House Plans

If you are looking for a simple project, you might be able to buy stock remodeling plans from more than 100 leading residential designers for every size-style-budget. Select the size of home plan you would like to view:

see house plans

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sketch your remodeling plans

Develop Specifications Plan

The specification plan defines what you want to accomplish. It will list the size and type of room, the general layout, the plumbing needs, flooring requirements, type of doors and windows, the landscaping layout of the yard, brand, make, model, color, etc.

You will use this plan to discuss your remodeling project with an architect or designer

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sketch your remodeling plans

Meet with an Architect

You are now ready to meet with an architect who will use your project specification plan, current home layout, and your design ideas to tailor a plan that can be used to bid for contractors, obtain financing, and begin the project.

Use this quick search to find customer-rated architects and designers in your area.

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— No Obligation
— Service Guaranteed

Other Places to Look:

Search online directory for architects:

Use a draftsman to modify an existing plan — less expensive:

search for drafting services

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Helpful Tools

Some helpful forms to select and manage contractors:

home improvement guide
home remodeling checklist
remodeling specification sheet
contractor evaluation form