Exterior Doors and Windows

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Doors and windows can add design to any home. Installing new windows to lighten the house can add the look of grandeur and warmth from the outside-in.

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About Exterior Doors

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Curb appeal is an important element of any home design. Whether you are selling your house or renovating for the long-term, you want exterior doors that create an attractive view. This can boost your home's appeal and long term value.

There are many new designs in exterior doors, from weathered wood looks to sleek and contemporary flat panel styles. The key to selecting the right exterior doors is to think about your home's architectural style.

If your house has Tudor influences, then dark wooden doors with wrought iron accents would set the tone. If you have a light and airy farm house, then look for painted doors with open glass panels that let light in.

Exterior doors also should correlate with the visual weight of the house. If your front entranceway is tall and impressive, then the exterior door should follow suit. The door might have beveled glass inserts and matching sidelights, for example. With a low lying ranch, look for a standard size six panel door with subtle decorative accents.

When buying exterior doors, also spend some time looking at exterior door hardware. Among the popular styles are brushed nickel and weathered brass. The exterior door hardware should blend with other accents on the exterior of your home – from the windows to the brick or siding to the molding around the porch.

Exterior doors are important elements, as they can set the tone for the overall view of your house. Look for a style that coordinates with the architecture and provides the proper amount of punch to your curb appeal. You'll not only add curb appeal, but enhance your home's value too.

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