Driveways and Walkways

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The elegant flow of a driveway with walkway can compliment your home and landscaping design. Add accent lighting to showcase it all.

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Boosting Your Home's Appeal

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If you're looking to boost your home's curb appeal, look no farther than your driveway and walkways. These major hard surfaces can make or break the exterior design of your home. Here's how to add some pizzazz to your home entrance with these two important areas.

The first consideration is the type of building material. Driveways typically are made of asphalt, which is the least expensive hard surface material, or concrete. If you have a little extra money to spend, a brick driveway can add a spectacular look to any home. A less costly option is to use asphalt and line the border and apron in brick.

What About the Walkway

The walkway material should blend with the driveway and the exterior materials on the house. They can be made from different materials, so long as the colors, textures or tones blend. This means that the brick on the driveway can be a few shades lighter than the brick or siding on the house, but it should be in the same color family. The walkway could be made of a complementary brick or concrete with a brick border.

One way to make the walkways more interesting is to add a few curves. When paired with curved flower beds or groups of shrubs, the curved walkways seem to flow with the landscape. This creates a more natural setting than the hard edges of a rectangular walkway. It also helps move your eyes through the yard to the important home entrance.

As you plan your home remodeling, don't overlook your driveway and walkways. These two areas can provide a big bang for the buck and help boost the overall appeal of your home's entrance.

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