Develop Specifications

the spec plan defines the home remodeling (home addition) specs


You need to develop the specifications for your home remodeling (home addition) project. It is recommended to have a spec plan to discuss the project with a contractor.

The spec plan will define what materials and design concepts that will be desired and needed. It will be used to budget and manage your project.

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About Specification Planning

The Building Specification Plan defines the design specifications for your home construction project.

It will list the size and type of room, the general layout, the plumbing needs, flooring requirements, type of doors and windows, the landscaping layout of the yard, brand, make, model, color, etc.

There are specification planning for every room and project. Use it as your notepad to note everything you want to accomplish for your home remodeling project.


Use the FREE specification sheet to note your design and materials specs.

use the spec plan to outline your needs
FREE project specifications plan

You will present the spec sheet to a home remodeling contractor when bidding out the project.

The specifications will used by the contractor to design that plan and costs to achieve the objectives (with likely changes based on the contractor knowledge and experience).

Or you can take the spec plan to an architect or designer, who will draw up an architectural plan that will submitted to the contractor.

The following is the spec planning for each section of your home remodeling project:


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Steps In Completing Specification Plan

First Step

Download our project specifications plan. Use this form — segmented by room, by area — to note your building specifications

project specification plan


Second Step:

Link to the various spec plans noted along the side nav. Each plan will detail the required specifications for your home remodeling project with reference to home product ideas and trends.


Third Step:

Take a completed draft of the Specification Sheet to your architect or planner, who will then customize a floor plan or revise an existing plan that meets your specs.

reference link see house plans


Fourth Step

Use your Specification Sheet and architectural plans to bid the remodeling project to contractors.

reference link view pre-screened contractors


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remodeling spec planning

About Building Permits

Note that your remodeling and/or addition will require permits. It will either be up to you or the contractor to obtain each permit.


Also note that building codes specify how each project should be completed

Local inspectors will ensure that the construction meets code. It will be helpful to understand these codes when assembling your specs.


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