Solar Panel Roofing- Worth It?

Solar Panel Roofing- Worth It?
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    Over the last several years in particular, studies have shown that electricity bills continue to escalate, largely due to the rising price of fuels (like coal and natural gas).

    What was once a luxury has now become a necessity in our everyday lives, and because of that, it is important to find the most cost-effective way to use this common (but essential) comfort.


The question then becomes, are solar panels worth it?

Invented in 1954, this method entails bolting rectangular panels of raised black cells onto the roof to allow for the benefit of solar energy. Not only is this an incredibly expensive process, but it is also inconvenient (it usually requires puncturing holes in your roof). Furthermore, the addition of solar paneling leaves any home looking like a total eyesore. However, these concerns have each been addressed, and below you will find some very persuasive reasons why investing in solar panel roofing might not sound as preposterous as it once did.

Conservation of Energy

Energy generated through solar paneling is easily conserved, meaning you are able to use less of it more efficiently to maximize on its utility. In turn, your electric bill is much cheaper because you are both using less energy and the energy source is yielded from sunlight (discussed below). Furthermore, many federal and state incentives and tax credits are in place in an effort to support “going green” initiatives and encourage sustainable solutions.

Lower Electric Bills

Ultimately, the use of solar paneling lowers the cost of your electric bills. This is because solar panels operate by converting sunlight into electricity which can then be used to run lighting and household items. Sunlight, after all, is free! Compared that to the alternative (burning fuels to produce energy)! Really, how many things in life are actually free?

Pays For Itself

Let’s face it: you’re going to use electricity whether it comes from solar energy or not. Though it may take several years to recover those costs, consider the fact that a 2011 study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that typical buyers of single-family homes stay in the same home for roughly 16 years. In other words, families (especially homeowners) do in fact eventually recover their loss.

Now Aesthetically Pleasing

Good news: the use of solar energy can now be attractive, thanks to the invention of the solar shingle. First made available in 2005, these solar cells look like conventional asphalt shingles. Furthermore, they can be stapled into the roofing cloth, meaning that you will no longer be required to pierce holes through your roof or bolt on metal supports.

The verdict? Whether you are a roofer looking for more efficient ways to serve your customers or a stay-at-home mom looking to lower those electric bills, consider investing in solar energy. You will find that your conservation of energy is improved, your electric bills are lowered, and your overall investment pays for itself in the long run. And bonus: you can now be the owner of solar panel roofing in style! The choice is yours, but the truth is out—solar panel roofing is definitely worth it.

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