ideas: Getting Ready for the Apple Harvest – And the Fruit Thereafter

Getting Ready for the Apple Harvest – And the Fruit Thereafter

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apple harvest

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Getting ready for the apple harvest


  • Here comes the apple harvest – from Washington state – to Michigan – Pennsylvania – and many other places:
    INFO: about the apple picking industry
  • And boy!, it is ever huge – on average 240 million bushels of apples harvested each year:
    INFO: how much you get in a bushel?
  • Most apples are picked by hand – many others by machines.
  • The harvest usually begins mid-September and runs through until mid-October – depending on the area and type of apple.
  • Apple harvest How about harvesting your own apples? There are many farms throughout the US that open their orchards for family apple picking. It’s a fun event for the family – freshly picked apples that cost less that what you might find at retail.

    INFO: search apple picking farms near you
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apple harvest

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What types of apple


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apple harvest

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Making that apple pie


  • Apple pie is strictly American – or is it? We make think it belongs to America, but it orginated elswhere:
    INFO: apple pie is not all that american
  • But no matter, it is a favorite American dessert in the summer with ice cream – during the harvest – and especially for Thanksgiving.
  • And one of the best apples to use for tartness is the granny smith apple.
  • And in Austria It is the apple strudel that reigns over the apple pie – but both are similar. The strudel is usually made with a flaky crust that wraps around the apple filling – unlike the American pie that has a bottom and top crust with the apple filling in the middle:

    INFO: viennese apple strudel

    apple pie panapple pie spice

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apple harvest

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Looking forward to the cider


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apple harvest

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All kinds of apple stuff


  • You will find all kinds of apple recipes that will keep you busy using your harvest:
    INFO: all types of apple recipes
  • So as the apple harvest begins, be sure to grab your bushel of apples and enjoy the wonderful dishes and drinks that can be made.
  • Don’t forget the apple festivals If you live near a community of apple orchards, you are probably familiar with the number of apple festivals that are underway. They are worth attending – to welcome the fall season and the gift of apples for the upcoming holiday season:

    INFO: apple festivals 2019
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