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5 Design Tips for Picking Out Home Furniture

Even though choosing furniture for your home can be exciting, the process can be stressful as well. Our homes should be the place where we feel the most comfortable, so of course, we want to be proud of the way it looks.

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Décor More Sophisticated and Modern

When you first moved out, you probably lived on a shoestring budget and filled your home with the cheapest furniture and décor you could find. But now that you’re adulting for real, it’s time your home feng shui matched your income.


When You Need to Add Just a Chair

You can find plenty of decor pieces to decorate your room. But one piece you might want to consider is the single chair. It can be placed against a wall or room corner with a small table. Color coordinate the chair with room colors.

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Key Contemporary Interior Design Elements

Finding an interior design style to suit your space is essential for creating a cohesive home. For people who enjoy a minimalist look that’s classy and sophisticated and that still features current design elements, a contemporary decorating style may be ideal.

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photo analysis: Tips on Decorating a Wall

Decorating a wall is easy to do – or is it? It’s the question of wall decor type, positioning, style and more. Let’s analyze this decorating wall example.

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5 Great Ways to Update Your Home Decor

You’ve heard of curb appeal and trying to keep your home’s exterior looking aesthetically pleasing with simple improvements like a brightly colored front door. When you enter a home, your interior spaces should also be welcoming and attractive to the eyes.

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The Best Indoor Plants For Creating Good Feng Shui

Indoor green plants are best known for purifying indoor air, filtering off chemicals and other harmful toxins. What you probably didn’t know is that indoor plants can precipitate peace, positivity, and serenity in your home.


Decorating with Accent Chairs

So why and when would you use an accent chair? To bring in some color and sculptural design. Use accent chairs to add something different to your regular furniture design.

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Rejuvenating Ways to Make Your Home a Haven

Your home should be the place you turn to when you feel uneasy. It should calm you, refresh you, rejuvenate you, and soothe you.


Inserted Wall Fireplace – Something Modern for the Classic Look

Have you viewed the modern-styled fireplaces? These are inserted wall fireplaces without any hearth or mantel. It just might work in your converted home style.

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How to Decorate Like a Parisian

When you think of Paris, your mind probably conjures up images of a romantic epicenter full of rich culture and style. The buildings and apartment homes have a distinct allure that reflects centuries of history.

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Bringing the Water Fountain Inside

Creating your own indoor oasis can be achieved by bringing a water fountain inside. It could be a simple tabletop fountain or something custom built that can be used and enjoyed all year round.