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Energy Savings

How to Squeeze the Most Efficiency out of Your Home’s Energy Use

Tweet You’ll love the reduction in your energy bills, which you can lower significantly with just a few tweaks to your daily routine to increase energy savings. Your neighbors and

Kitchen and Dining

How to Redefine Your Home with a Thorough Kitchen Renovation

Tweet In fact, a modern kitchen is one of the most sought after features by homebuyers. However an old and dated kitchen just isn’t going to suffice. If you want

Outdoor Structures

Creating Storage Space: How to Prep Yourself for a Successful Shed Installation

Tweet Hiring contractors to come to your property to install a new storage shed often means that homeowners or commercial property owners will need to get the area prepared. To

Home Renovation

4 Renovation Details Even the Smartest Planner Overlooks

Tweet Smart planners deal with every detail when it comes to a room or whole-home renovation. However, there are some details that might be overlooked at times. Final Inspections Most

Pest Control

Got Pests? 4 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home after the Damage Has Been Done

Tweet However, what should you do after the pests are gone and you examine the damage left in their wake? Here are a few tips that you can use to

Heating and Cooling

4 Ways to Make Your Water Heater Replacement a Cinch

Tweet The good news is that replacing your water heater doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility no matter how handy you are. Have Someone Do it for You

Home Renovation

Renovation Creation: 4 Unique Household Projects Worth Undertaking This Summer

Tweet While traditional projects such as painting walls and servicing the HVAC system are important, they are not always that exciting. Here is a look at a few unique household

Swimming Pools

Get Ready to Swim: A Checklist for Backyard Pool Installations

Tweet Keep these four concerns in mind when creating your checklist for a backyard pool installation. Securing All Permits and Insurance Policies Constructing a swimming pool for your backyard requires


How to Install a New Hot Tub without a Shocking Experience

Tweet A DIY hot tub installation could save you several hundred dollars in labor fees of an electrician, and you can do the installation at your own convenience. These tips

Just Bath

How to Properly Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

Tweet But bathroom remodels can be expensive, with a full redo easily costing in the five-figure range. You can remodel your bathroom on a budget, however, and here are some

Heating and Cooling

How to Replace Components on Your Heating System Yourself

Tweet Fortunately, ready to install building materials and home technologies are available at home centers everywhere. If you have the DIY mindset, here is how to replace some components on

Heating and Cooling

How to Install an Additional Water Heater in Your Utility Closet

Tweet If your current water heater is not providing enough hot water for your household’s needs, you may wish to install an additional water heater in your utility closet. You

Home Repairs

Remodel and Revamp: How to See Your Home in a New Light

Tweet The good news is that there are many easy and affordable ways to turn your home from dull and drab into something that you can be proud of. Let’s

Plumbing and Wiring

How to Fix Your Own Sink Clogs and Save Money Doing It

Tweet Depending on what you send down the drains of your sinks, the clogs can be recurring headache even if you get a plumber to resolve the immediate problem. Save

Roofing and Gutters

Real Roofing: How to Do the Job Right When Doing It Yourself

Tweet Therefore, it is important that it is properly maintained at all times. However, there are some items that you should be aware of if you choose to do the

Home Interior Design

How to Create the Home of Your Dreams and Keep It Looking Fresh and New

Tweet A home is a major investment, and one that you should not take lightly. In fact, the average homeowner will stay put for decades, so it is important to

Yard and Garden

4 Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Fun and Inviting

Tweet Special memories can be made there, if only the mood were right and there was an abundance of things to do. That is why we have put together the


Leaky Foundation: How to Rebuild Your Basement After a Flood

Tweet But because they are below ground, basements are at risk of getting water in them. Whether you get a lot or a little water in your basement when it

Home Buying-Home Selling

4 Home Issues You Must Resolve to Increase Its Resale Value

Tweet Here are four home issues you must resolve to increase its resale value. Check Your Foundation If you have problems with your home’s foundation, such as a wall that

Home Renovation

Home Addition? 4 Essentials Every Owner Should Consider

Tweet You may be able to have that home office, craft room or workshop that you have always dreamed of. Before you hire contractors and buy furniture for the new