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Yard and Garden

4 Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Fun and Inviting

Tweet Special memories can be made there, if only the mood were right and there was an abundance of things to do. That is why we have put together the


Leaky Foundation: How to Rebuild Your Basement After a Flood

Tweet But because they are below ground, basements are at risk of getting water in them. Whether you get a lot or a little water in your basement when it

Home Buying-Home Selling

4 Home Issues You Must Resolve to Increase Its Resale Value

Tweet Here are four home issues you must resolve to increase its resale value. Check Your Foundation If you have problems with your home’s foundation, such as a wall that

Home Renovation

Home Addition? 4 Essentials Every Owner Should Consider

Tweet You may be able to have that home office, craft room or workshop that you have always dreamed of. Before you hire contractors and buy furniture for the new


4 Design Ideas to Ready Your New Home for Your Arrival

Tweet There is your own personality to account for, along with some logistical items that need to be taken care of. Consider the following 4 ways to begin the prep

Doors and Windows

4 Window Designs to Make Your Home Better Than Before

Tweet Here are a few ideas that are worth considering if it’s time to replace your windows. Round it Out Fan windows are great toppers for any double-hung fixture, and

Exterior Home

Structural Danger: 4 Ways Your Home’s Foundation Is At Risk

Tweet Understanding these factors can help you to take action and protect your home from costly damage. Shifting Soil Places with sandy soils may experience a loss of soil or

Home Renovation

Home Addition? 4 Ideas to Complete the Project

Tweet Many home addition projects include just the basics, but these finishing touches can add a great result to your renovation. Zoned Climate Control When you add a bedroom, living

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance: 4 Ways to Maintain and Upkeep Your Property

Tweet Here are four quick and easy maintenance tips that will allow you to keep your home ownership costs to a minimum while ensuring that your property is as safe

Home Renovation

Renovating to Sell? 4 Ways to Simplify the Process

Tweet A renovation only becomes complicated if you go into the process without a plan. Consider these four ways to keep the process simple from the start: Invest in an

Home Renovation

4 Ways to Make Your Next Renovation More Worthwhile

Tweet Then a few years go by and you realize the kitchen appliances are in sad shape, there are new things on the market that didn’t exist before and maybe

Outdoor Structures

4 Ideas to Make Your Home More Family-Friendly

Tweet It’s also nice to be able to have other kids visit and have a good time. Here are four ideas to help make your home more family-friendly. basketball •

Seasonal Maintenance Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 30: Cabin in Paradise: Maintenance Tips for Log Home Owners

Tweet Following are seven tips that for log cabin owners designed to ensure your log home stays in the best possible shape for years to come. Rodent Control If your

Home Utility

Comparing How 4 Kinds of Insulation Impact Your Energy Bill

Tweet Some will be easier on your budget, but others will provide you with more attractive savings throughout the year. Before you decide on any insulation product, here’s what you

Home Renovation

Is Your House Older Than 20 Years? You May Need These 4 Renovations

Tweet Fortunately, renovations can brings a home up to modern standards. Here are four renovations your home might need. Better Insulation Insulation has improved tremendously over the years, and modern


Quick Checklist: How Do You Create the Perfect Backyard for Your Home?

Tweet basketball • baseball & soccer • field play • lawn games • sandboxes • swing sets & playsets • trampolines • volleyball & badminton Let’s View Shop Outdoor Play

Plumbing and Wiring

Quick Checklist: How Do You Keep Your Drains Clear 24/7?

Tweet Here are the best ways that you can make sure your drains stay clear at all times. Avoid Clogs The best way to make sure that your drains stay

Quick Checklist

Renovation Checklist: How to Do It Right the First Time

Tweet To prevent this, follow this checklist to ensure your renovation goes right the first time. Do a Thorough Survey of Your Home Before you begin your renovation, it is

Home Renovation Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist: 5 Renovation Ideas for Your Family Home

Tweet Here is a look at five renovation ideas for your family home. Revamp Your Bathroom One of the best areas of your home to renovate is the bathroom. There

Home Renovation

Home Renovation Ideas for Your Humble Abode

Tweet Check to see if you need a permit as many cities and towns have their own rules about this and it is better to be safe than sorry. Here