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Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 16: 4 Helpful Tools Every Contractor Needs during Construction

Contractors are without a doubt busy and sought after professionals. People everywhere turn to them with all sorts of comprehensive renovation and building requirements.

Kitchen and Dining

Cramming for Cooking Space? Simple Renovations for a More Efficient Kitchen

A clever person will look at a small kitchen and see a world of possibilities. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and a few simple renovations can open up your space to allow for more maneuverability, more storage, and more room to get creative in the kitchen.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Nov 18: Lost in the Pipes? 5 Important Plumbing Parts Everyone Needs to Know

One of the most important parts of any home is your plumbing system. When you are looking to improve your plumbing system, hiring a plumber can be a good idea. However, there are still many repairs that you can make at home on your own.

Home Renovation

Remodeling Your Home? How to Ensure Maximum Efficiency

Remodeling a residence can make it more attractive and contemporary. It can also make it more functional. The latter perk is arguably more valuable, too.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Oct 28: Plumbing Update: 4 Tools that Help Get the Job Done

Fire damage can be a horrible thing in homes. It’s not exactly something you can take care of on your own.


How Contractors Protect Themselves from Liability

You might choose to follow the road of the independent contractor as a way to set your own hours, define your own rates, and be your own boss.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Oct 21: Fire Damage? How to Restore Your Home Effectively

Fire damage can be a horrible thing in homes. It’s not exactly something you can take care of on your own.

Tools and Materials

5 Pieces of Equipment You Want to Have for Your Renovation Project

Do you have a home rehabilitation project in the works? Are you planning to flip your first house?

Home Repairs

Storm Damage: 4 Fixups to Attend to In the Aftermath

Tweet These are also prime times for tornadoes to ravage a city and for hurricanes to blanket an entire state in strong winds and flooding rains. If your home has

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 16: 4 Home Appliances Worth Updating

You might choose to renovate your home to give it a new look or in preparation for a future sale. Whatever the case, it’s worth it to take a look at your appliances to see which ones might benefit from an update.

Walls and Painting

Waterproof Walls: How to Seal Your Home from Moisture

Moisture in your home can lead to more problems than a wet wall or slippery floor. Mold can begin to grow when the air is humid, and when surfaces stay moist.

Garden Plants

What Impact Do Trees Have on Home Value?

You may be asking yourself what good trees do for your home’s value. Many people will tell you that a home that has trees is more appealing than one without.


How Hard is it to Install a New Patio?

The investment of a new patio can upgrade your residential property considerably. It can give your structure better curb appeal and value.

Yard and Garden

How to Finish Off a Newly-Renovated Home

Completing a major home renovation project can feel like crossing the finish line of a big race. It’s actually pretty much the same thing.

Home Renovation

4 Real Reasons to Renovate a Ruined House

Just because a house has been under some stress doesn’t mean it’s done for. After all, just because you’re sick, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get better.

Window Treatments

Window Treatments that Make Your House into a Home

When you stop to consider what makes a home different from a house, the first thing that should come to mind is the decor.

Home Renovation

How to Manage the Clean up after Your Renovation

Residential renovation projects can be a blast. They can fill you with anticipation. They can introduce you to all sorts of benefits, too.

Home Improvements

Remodel and Revamp: 4 Areas of the Home to Focus On

If your home is getting a little boring or stagnant, give it a facelift by remodeling and revamping some essential areas.

Exterior Home

Exterior Renovations: 4 Important Components Every Home Needs

Renovating the exterior of a residential property can be a thrilling journey of sorts. It can be something that can help your lifestyle for a long time as well.

Just Bath

Renovating the Bathroom? 4 Materials You Need for the Job

Renovating a bathroom is something that many people have tried at least once in their lives. This can lead them to think that they’re an expert on the topic.