Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 12: Got Sinking Floors? How to Keep Your Home Afloat

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 12:</span> Got Sinking Floors? How to Keep Your Home Afloat
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    A sinking floor in your home could spell disaster if you don't tackle the issue.

    The cause of a sinking floor can vary so your solution needs to match the problem.


Here are some of the ways that you can go about fixing your issue.

Footing Stabilization

You need to have stable footing platforms in order to keep your house level. If your footings weren’t done correctly, this could be contributing to your floors sinking. Adding in additional support for your footings by redoing the footing platform itself is one solution.

Another solution is to add in more footings so that the load of your home can be better balanced throughout. This can help in the situation in which there isn’t much bedrock underneath your home.

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Foundation Repair

In the case of poor soil conditions around one part of your home or the whole thing, the best solution is to get an underpinning done for your home. This is where the foundation is strengthened or replaced in order to re-level everything. The extent of the problem in your home will dictate the best route to take in order to prevent further damage.

Your home can be jacked up so that your floors can be re-leveled and then the foundation repair can be completed in the most prudent fashion. Repairing your foundation is a great idea, especially if you live in an old home that needs some patches or other repairs. This is a great way to increase the resell value of your home.

Joist Additions

The spacing between your joists may not be adequate to hold up the weight of your home. Adding in additional joists and leveling out the parts of your floor that were sagging is one option. You might even need to repair existing floor joists that may be rotten or worn out.

Be sure to assess the needs of your home on an individual level. This will allow you to tackle smaller problems that could be caused by damaged or rotting joists. Perform a thorough inspection to determine if one or more of your joists are experiencing a problem that could be contributing to your sagging floors.

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Metal Reinforcement

In some instances, your current joists may need to be reinforced with metal plates. This could be because the wood wasn’t installed correctly or the load of your home is more than the carrying capacity of your joists. This can be a great way to shore up your floors for added load capacity. It will also increase the longevity and life of your home.

Metal plates or I-beam metal joists can be added in order to reinforce the segments that are experiencing some sag. This is more likely to occur in older homes that have experienced settling, but still have a solid foundation on which to rest.

A sinking floor doesn’t have to be something that you just learn to ignore. Use these solutions so that you can diagnose the problem and select the appropriate repair for your individual situation.

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