Reroofing Your Home? Why You Should Choose Metal Over Shingles

Reroofing Your Home? Why You Should Choose Metal Over Shingles
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    Keeping a good roof on your home is critical for energy savings, retaining value, and protecting the inside from the elements.

    When your home's roof has reached the end of its useful life and you're weighing the options, a metal roof is likely to come up in the conversation.


It could be the right choice for you. Here are four reasons why.

Lifelong Beauty

A new shingled roof starts out looking great, but it doesn’t take many years of extreme temperatures, wind, and hail to start revealing its age. Before long, your roof looks old and rough.

Metal roof replacements maintain that installation-day appearance for their entire life, giving you a smooth, even appearance for years to come.

And because there is no grit for a metal roof to shed, your gutters won’t get filled up with those tiny granules. Metal roofs retain their beauty for the duration of their entire lifetime.

Superior Weather Resistance

Almost everyone with a shingle roof has gone outside after a thunderstorm and found pieces of shingle scattered around the yard.

The occasional hailstorm probably did even more damage. Shingles just don’t have the toughness of a metal roof. Instead, they chip and break away with every round of bad weather until they finally need to be replaced.

Metal roofs stay intact and can weather any storms Mother Nature decides to throw at it. Metal roofs are incredibly durable, and they will resist weathering for years into the future. There is always time to consider getting a metal roof replacement instead of going with traditional shingles like most homeowners do.

Fire Safety

Every year there are wildfires in the wooded regions of the country, many of them quickly growing to a size that threatens homes. When those stray embers blow away from a wildfire, shingle roofs are much more vulnerable than metal roofs. After all, shingles include a large amount of tar, a flammable petroleum product.

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Metal roofs are noncombustible and will resist the advance of a nearby wildfire to some extent. Metal doesn’t burn like tar shingles do, which is definitely significant. Your home will have more fireproofing ability with a metal roof.

other valuable tips:

A Clean Surface

It’s fine when your house blends in with nature, but when that look comes courtesy of an outbreak of moss on your roof, it’s just not the same. That’s also true of the streaks that appear on most shingle roofs after a few years, a problem made especially obvious when there are dormers and roof vents present.

Shingle roofs simply get dirty over time, thanks to their porous surfaces. Metal roofs are smooth and clean, resisting the growth of moss and the accumulation of dirt.

Choosing the right roof for your home is so important. It’s an investment that you’ll be living with for years, even decades. Metal has proven again and again that it is superior to shingles, both cosmetically and functionally. A metal roof will give your home flawless for performance and a beautiful look.

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