Repairing Your Foundation This Year? 4 Steps to Simplify the Job

Repairing Your Foundation This Year? 4 Steps to Simplify the Job
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    Rippling cracks and extra water leakage are never good signs.

    In fact, these are often indicators that you need to repair your foundation as soon as possible.


Luckily, there are ways to simplify the job process and get this repair done quickly.

Consult an Expert

Once you begin noticing signs of foundation failure, consult a foundation repair expert. Foundation failure problems are serious issues, so even the smallest indicators warrant an expert’s eye. If you can catch the foundation failure in its infancy stages, you will save so much more money in the long term.

Be on high alert for cracking, water intrusion, gaps around door frames, and sagging walls. These are all signs of foundation failure, especially for residences that receive a lot of rain.

While you may be hesitant to spend money on a consultation, take the time to find a local foundation repair consultant who you trust and who is certified. Having someone you can trust will alleviate your concerns.

Decide If the Job Calls for Slab Jacking

Slab Jacking is one of the most common methods of repairing a home foundation on a concrete slab. Some people refer to it as concrete lifting, and it’s all about slab repair. This method is not for homes that have a below-grade basement.

Essentially, workers will drill holes into the slab section that requires repair. They fill the holes and the space under the slab with a lifting solution.

This filling is done with special equipment and will help with slab repair by leveling it to the surrounding concrete. After that process, there will be holes in the slab, and the contractor will fix them with a concrete mix.

Slab jacking is one of the fastest and least expensive home foundation repair solutions. Most people prefer it because workers can repair the foundation at any time during the year, and it’s not too harmful to your home or yard.

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Decide If the Job Calls for Piering

As an alternative to slab jacking, piering is a slab repair method that relies on posts to support the foundation. There are many kinds of posts, and the best type will depend on your house and current support system.

One popular type is a push pier. Push piers are made of galvanized pipes, and construction workers drill them into your foundation with a hydraulic ram.

There are also helical pipes, which are made of steel and drilled with a hydraulic torque motor. Once the pipes are drilled, hydraulic jacks will raise the foundation to the original level, and the foundation is locked into place with wall brackets.

Piering is best for homes with basements or those built on expansive soils. They are typically more expensive than slab jacking but less expensive than full excavation. A structural engineer will have to approve the work and test it to ensure these pipes can bear enough weight.

Contact a Foundation Repair Contractor

Now that you know which method you’d prefer, it’s time to contact a foundation repair contractor and plan a time to use slab repair for your home’s foundation. Even if only slight repairs are needed, you should book a trusted contractor as quickly as possible.

Some repair jobs can be done with relatively little time and disruption, but for extensive jobs, you may need to book a place to stay. To find a trusted contractor, you should look at local companies first. These companies will be better familiar with the type of land you are on and can provide service faster.

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Above all, your mindset during the foundation repair must be positive. Sometimes these repairs can stretch out as contractors run into unexpected issues. It is stressful when this process takes longer than expected, so be sure to have a backup plan and ways to alleviate your stress.

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