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Home Automation

4 Things to Remember When Integrating Smart Home Technology

Putting together all the technology for a smart home is remarkably easy. What’s tough, though, is ensuring all of that technology is integrated properly.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Nov 03: Bought a Fixer-Upper: The First 5 Things You Need to Fix

Buying a fixer-upper could save you a huge amount of money, but you need to have a solid restoration plan in place before you make an offer on that type of home.

Exterior Home

Tips On How To Raise The Value Of Your Home – Exterior Edition

Potential buyers start forming their opinion on a house from the very beginning, namely when they see the curb appeal. A well-maintained and neat curb appeal will send a completely different message than the one where the spouts are filled with leaves and the flower beds are wilted.

Doors and Windows

4 Things Your Front Door is Telling Visitors

When you pull up in front of someone’s home, what’s the first thing to you notice? For some, it’s a well-manicured lawn. For others, it’s the front door.

Seasonal Maintenance

Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 25: Prepped for Fall: 4 Home Projects for the Coming Season

The dog days of summer might have you already dreaming about crisp autumn breezes. The good news is that the last half of summer goes by quickly, and it’s the perfect time to start getting your home ready for fall.

Home Maintenance

Weather All the Storms: 4 Home Updates to Prevent Weather Damage

A storm can cause an unbelievable amount of damage in a very short period of time, and that is why you must get your home ready for severe weather.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 23: That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen: 4 Places in Your Home You Don’t Want to DIY Remodel

Very few things are as satisfying as completing a renovation or remodeling project, but you need to be careful whenever you work on your home. A single mistake can quickly escalate into an expensive catastrophe, and that is why some projects should always be left to the professionals.

Home Renovation Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist: Renovations That Can Bring Up The Value Of Your Home

Tweet A Lavish Bathroom When an inspector or appraiser walks through a home, they will often head right for the bathrooms. This is because bathrooms are absolute necessities as well

Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Reviewing Six Essentials Every Homeowner Should Have On Hand

Tweet Here are the six items that every homeowner ought to keep in their house. A Ladder This item is important both indoors and outdoors, and though even a tall

Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Using Six Ways To Make A Small Space Look And Feel Bigger

Tweet Below are six ways to help make your small room feel and look larger. Use Of Color How you use color in a room makes all the difference in


Quick Checklist:     Why It’s Important To Splurge On Quality Appliances When Updating Your Home

Tweet Although many homeowners may want to avoid spending more money on appliances, there are a few reasons to splurge and invest in quality products. Reduce Energy Usage Many new


Changes You Can Make In Your Home To Prevent Asthma and Allergies

Tweet Different people are allergic to different substances, or may have different asthma triggers. It’s important to know what triggers your allergies or asthma attacks. Your doctor can help you

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 28: Five Common Home Repairs You Don’t Want To Put Off

Tweet Most of the minor tasks can be put off for a bit since they are not critical. There are certain repairs, however, that can never be ignored. Here are

Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Spring Cleaning: Six Things To Do When The Weather Heats Up

Tweet After a long winter of snow and ice, the first warm day can bring a flurry of excitement. With the sun shining and the buds on the trees, it

Home Repairs

Five Home Repairs You Should Never Attempt On Your Own

Tweet Even if you consider yourself a handy person, trying to fix every repair job in your home can turn into a costly and potentially disastrous mistake. Certain repairs need


Tips for Making Your Home Comfortable and Functional In the Winter

Tweet Use a Humidifier During the winter, dry air can make it difficult to breathe, especially for people with Asthma and other respiratory conditions. It can be hard to get

Home Security

Home Security: Six Things Homeowners Often Overlook

Tweet Below are six things homeowners most often overlook when considering home security. Doors And Other Entryways One thing overlooked is yearly inspections of the locking mechanism on doorways. Locks

Home Buying-Home Selling

Six Must-Haves that Buyers are Looking for in Homes for Sale

Tweet If yes, their mood brightens and they’ve ready to look at the rest of the home. Here are six of the most desired, must-have features that homebuyers are looking

Featured Home Interior Design

The Simplest Ways To Make A Large, Empty Room Feel More Comfortable

The open concept floor plan is the trend for home buyers and builders today. The wide, open interior spaces are desirable for family living, but they can be challenging to decorate.


Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Appliances When You Are Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling allows you to have a new home without the expense and stress of moving, getting another mortgage or selling your old home. Many projects involve adding or moving walls to create larger or smaller spaces.