Sunday Morning Tip for Mar 27: Common Signs of Structural Damage in Your Home

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Mar 27:</span> Common Signs of Structural Damage in Your Home
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    Older homes can eventually start to show signs of structural damage.

    Structural changes are parts of a home's natural foundation-settling process, but they can still be concerning because they may weaken the overall structure and stability of the house.


To catch these foundational issues before they can worsen, make sure you can recognize the common signs of structural damage in your home.

Cracks in the Walls or Ceiling

Cracks in a home’s walls and ceilings are quite common in many homes, so they aren’t always signs of structural damage. However, always keep an eye on any cracks throughout your home.

You should start to be suspicious of structural damage when cracks run along your walls in a stepping pattern. These cracks could indicate issues with your home’s foundation and other more serious problems hidden beneath the surface.

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Gaps Near Windows and Doors

Walls with windows and doors are more susceptible to damage because of the surface area that has been cut out of them. Structural and foundational issues may start to show signs along your windows and doors first because of the weakness in these areas.

Watch out for uneven gaps along the frames of your windows and doors. Also note if you experience issues opening or closing windows or doors. These are all signs of foundation and structural issues.

Leaking Roof

A leaking or sagging roof can also be a sign of structural damage. In fact, a leaking roof could be a direct cause of structural damage in the first place.

Water leaks can quickly damage your home, leading to mold, sagging, and other issues. After heavy winter storms or rainstorms, watch for early signs of roof water damage throughout your home.

If you catch a leak early enough, you may be able to prevent more severe damage to your foundation.

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Uneven Floors

An uneven floor is another sign of foundation settling. You might not always notice uneven floors just by walking across them, but doors may stick when they contact your uneven floors.

This is a surefire sign that your floors are starting to shift from their original placement. Consider hiring a contractor to inspect your foundation and see whether these structural changes are putting your home in danger.

Structural changes to a home can be scary for the homeowner. Make sure you know these common signs of structural damage in your home. You may be able to catch and repair these structural or foundational issues before they worsen.

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