Warning Signs and How Your Foundation Speaks to You

Warning Signs and How Your Foundation Speaks to You
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    A lot of money is spent on construction. That is why it is vital to watch for warning signs of foundation problems.


Various factors cause the deterioration of a building’s foundation. Several warning signs can indicate foundation problems.

Exterior Cracks

Have you noticed cracks on certain parts of your property, such as walls and floors? In a high humidity climate, moisture can cause cracks in your walls. Further, cracks may form because of water damage.

If it’s not one of these two causing the cracks, there are probably problems with the foundation.

With time, the foundation shifts because of weather or contracting and expanding soils. Therefore, it is advisable to look into the cracks and find a permanent solution to avoid significant losses.

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      some drainage ideas to consider      

Poor Water Drainage

Water is the most common cause of foundation issues on your premises. If you experience drainage problems, chances are foundation issues will arise.

Drainage problems cause water to accumulate in the foundation of a building. The soil in the foundation, therefore, expands.

The expansion increases pressure on the foundation. In turn, this causes cracks on the interior and exterior of the building.

Consequently, it is advisable to conduct foundation repair by fixing drainage problems. If you want to detect drainage problems, it is best to look at the soil before and after a lot of rain.

Bowing Walls

When walls in your property are bowing, there is a severe issue with your foundation. If you notice that your foundation bows for three inches or more, it is best to contact professionals.

They will likely stabilize your walls by installing wall anchors. If the problem is severe, you might have to rebuild again. So it’s important to catch this early.

Door Gaps

Problems with doors in your building are a sign that there are issues. For instance, if the door does not close or gets stuck, there is a chance there are issues with the foundation. Further, when doors have gaps, the foundation has probably settled.

You might assume that adjusting your door is the option. However, you should seek professionals to look at the situation because the foundation might be sinking.

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There are numerous reasons why the foundation might sink. Ground movement, drainage problems, and poor construction are all probable causes.

Time and time again, buildings have collapsed, causing losses and death. However, these are avoidable circumstances.

Once you notice the above signs, contact a Post-Frame Construction Specialist & get expert advice.

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