5 Common Problems Handled By Air Conditioning Services

5 Common Problems Handled By Air Conditioning Services
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    You shouldn't wait for your air conditioner to stop working before calling for professional help.

    Doing this may be too late, as it may already be too damaged for it to be salvaged.

    This may mean the need to buy a new air conditioner or spend more bucks trying to repair it.


However, you don’t have to wait for the worst-case scenario before seeking help from experts. And, to give you an idea, below are some of the common problems that air conditioning services handle, so you’ll know exactly when to call them.

1. Strong Odors

The air from your unit must not emit a moldy or musty smell if it’s properly functioning. When this happens, it means the unit may have accumulated water in the ducting or drain lines. Professionally deep-cleaning the unit’s system could fix the issue.

You should also call for AC services as quickly as possible if you smell more pungent odors, like burning. This could mean that your unit is overheated, posing a danger. Thus, you should immediately turn off your unit and call air conditioning services near you.

Natural gas may also be leaking into your AC system’s ductwork if you smell a sulfurous, skunk-like odor coming from your vents or ducts. This could happen if you have a natural gas connection. Don’t take these issues lightly, as they could be deadly or dangerous when not checked and fixed.

2. Not Cooling Properly

Your AC should maintain a comfortable temperature during summer because it’s invented to cool a room. This means it must blow cool air. If it’s blowing hot air, it may be developing severe problems.

Its compressor may be faulty, requiring you to book air conditioning services near you. They can check if the problem lies on the compressor or not because the issue can also be related to the faulty capacitor or fuse.

When you quickly call for repair services, you can prevent the unit from further developing irreversible issues. But, if you don’t let professionals intervene, you’re more likely to spend on costly part or whole unit replacement.  It’s always best to call and ask for a professional’s help as soon as possible.

3. Electrical Issues

Besides emitting a burning electrical smell, your unit can also cause other electrical issues that could affect your whole household. These include lights dimming in your home when you turn on the unit or tripping your breaker constantly.

You should call for emergency AC services when this happens. That’s because you need someone with technical knowledge and experience to repair AC units.

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They have the knowledge and expertise to identify the underlying issues, thereby reducing the risk of aggravating electrical problems that can cause fire or blackout. And, of course, they can quickly make the unit work as good as new again to cool your home.

4. Odd Noises

Your unit creating noise is normal, especially when you shut it down or start it up. However, such noises should only be low-level and not unusual, sudden, or loud. When you hear such, your cooling system may be signaling you possible big problems.

Grinding or whistling noises may indicate severe problems, while buzzing or rattling noises may signal a loose part. You can’t let such issues go away and just wait for the noises to stop.

Instead, call for help, as professionals can tune-up your unit to permanently fix the underlying problem or recommend the most suitable solution.

5. Ice On The Condenser Unit

The condenser unit can get frozen because the cold passing through the tubes will start to condense. This happens when the refrigerant flowing is too cold, which may be due to blocked return vents, closed air supply vents, or dirty air filters.

Allow the blower to move air through the system so it can thaw the frost by turning your system to ‘Fan’ and ‘On.’ This would defrost your unit, but if it doesn’t, then you may need to call an AC mechanic.

They can use a chemical cleaner to clean the condenser unit if it’s too dirty, or unclog the supply or return vents of the unit.

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Your air conditioning unit requires an AC repair when encountering the common problems mentioned above. If you’re not experienced in repairing an AC, avoid tinkering with it, as you may only escalate the problem.

Wait for the technician to come and let them inspect the unit to know what necessary steps you need to take. What matters is to call for them as soon as you think something’s wrong with your AC.

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