3 Tips for Getting and Keeping Your Home Pest Free

3 Tips for Getting and Keeping Your Home Pest Free
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    Keeping your home pest-free is extremely important.

    An infestation can lead to serious health complications and the destruction of the home itself.


Pests can spread diseases that cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, hives, blisters, and trouble breathing. They also trigger asthma and cause allergic reactions, some of which are severe.

The presence of pests in your home can also cause stress and anxiety, taking a toll on your mental health.

Some pests do continuous damage to the structure of a home, including load-bearing beams under the house. They can do so much damage that the building needs to be vacated and completely rebuilt from the ground up.

You can avoid these issues by keeping all pests out of your home.

Common pests that infest a home include:

  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Termites
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Moths
  • Cockroaches
  • Mites

Why Pests Enter the Home

Pests go wherever is best for survival, whether it’s for their own survival or their babies’. They enter people’s homes because they get access to the things they need.

For them, a leaky pipe is a consistent water source, garbage is an all-you-can-eat buffet, and they have a warm shelter where they can lay their eggs. If there’s a way in, they will gladly take the opportunity.

Their eggs are a major concern because their reproduction is exactly how one insect can enter your home and pretty soon, you end up with an infestation on your hands. It’s up to you to block every entryway possible and make your home less attractive to pests to protect yourself and your family.

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Preventing Pests From Entering the Home

  • Close the Gaps

    Routinely check the exterior of your home for any place there isn’t a tight seal. Keep in mind that pests can gain entry through the smallest spaces, so be diligent with your inspection.

    Be sure to weatherstrip all doors and windows and replace broken screens. If you notice any gaps, seal them with copper mesh, mortar, sheet metal, or coarse steel wool.

  • Remove Their Food and Water Sources

    Anything that could be food or a source of water to animals and insects could become a problem for you.

    • Inside: Don’t leave any food out, wipe crumbs and bits of food off the counter, and fix any leaky pipes.
    • Outside: Dispose of your garbage in bins that have tight-fitting lids, rinse any bins that come back inside, and don’t let leaves or stagnant water collect outside.
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  • Scheduled Inspections

    Scheduling routine inspections with someone who does professional pest control in Las Vegas is an effective way to keep pests out of your home. They know exactly what to look for and can find sources of pests.

    They’ll tell you about any improvements you can make to help prevent an infestation in your home and take care of any issues before they become too hard to manage.

    Catching problems early and using the recommended preventative measures are the best protection you have against an infestation threatening your health and keeping your home pest free.

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