Stop Those Creepy Crawlers: 5 Pest Control Secrets

Stop Those Creepy Crawlers: 5 Pest Control Secrets
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    Imagine meeting the face of a roach. It is somewhat triangular. It has two bulging pumps on top of its head where its "eyes" rest, but the eyes are not eyeballs.


In fact, the bulging area is torn by large slimy antennas. Its body has a shimmer to it. It’s brown, and it has little hairs coming out of its legs, antennas and face.

This is a horrible sight. It is the kind of image that might inspire a horror film. A roach is more than a pest that you must get rid of; it is a scary pest that actually poses a danger to your family. Many insects pose a danger to your family. They can cause allergic reactions among your family members or induce asthma attacks if anyone suffers from that illness. Are there things that you can do to get rid of these harmful pests? 

1st: Pest Control Secret

You can control the population of certain pests with cold temperatures. Bed bugs, for example, do not breed easily in cold temperatures. Just try to keep the temperature in your home below 70 degrees. Roaches are not comfortable in cold temperatures either. If you can lower the temperature in your home to negative 32, then you’ve successfully killed all the insects in your home, but that is not practical. But you could also leave your home for a few hours while you do this.

2nd: Pest Control Secret

Smells can help you defeat infestations as well. One thing that roaches, mice, rats, bed bugs and many other insects hate is the smell of peppermint oil. The great thing about peppermint oil is that it exists in many green and organic pest control options. Green, and organic products with natural ingredients are not harmful to your family. Many ingredients in normal pesticides are known carcinogens and may have an adverse effect on your family’s nervous system.

3rd: Pest Control Secret

Many pests, just like human beings, require a sustainable amount of water. You may indeed provide them with the water they need if you have a leak or water damage within your house. You should do your best to repair any of these ongoing issues. It is also a good idea to seal up all holes, cracks and other entrances to your home where rodents or insects can sneak in.

4th: Pest Control Secret

Control the pest issue with their natural enemies. Cockroaches, for instance, are food for other creatures. Rejoice in your savvy idea of investing in a pet that can actually make your home free of cockroaches. That predatory pet is a gecko. These lizards actually eat a lot of different insects, so having them roam around your home may not be such a bad idea. If you have a mice issue, then perhaps owning a cat would benefit you. 

5th: Pest Control Secret

Something that is usually overlooked is water residue. Water attracts insects, as mentioned earlier, and you may forget to thoroughly dry surfaces. If you wash dishes, they should be dried immediately. If you took a shower, make sure the bathtub is dry. Make sure the kitchen sink is dry as well.

Controlling a pest issue before it starts is the best route. Prevention, although great, does not guarantee that your home will be pest-free forever. If your pest issue gets out of control, make sure you take care of it in a manner that is effective, but safe for your family. A good home should be pest-free and shouldn’t be filled with harmful chemicals.

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Karleia is a freelance blogger. When dealing with dangerous pests in Coulmbus or any city, consult pest control professionals.



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