5 Home Issues That Can Start to Negatively Impact Your Health

5 Home Issues That Can Start to Negatively Impact Your Health
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    While your home is supposed to be your safe place, having certain issues present in your home can begin to impact your health in more ways than you ever anticipated.


Whether it’s finding yourself sneezing and sniffling more often to developing serious health conditions that require significant medical treatment, knowing what to look for in your home can help prevent many health problems.

As to which issues can most impact your health, here are five of the most common.

Poor Ventilation

When your home has poor ventilation due to exhaust intakes that are clogged with dirt, you simply keep breathing the same air over and over. Unfortunately, this traps allergens and germs inside your home, making problems such as asthma that much worse.

You may notice yourself or members of your family suffering from allergies when there aren’t allergens outdoors at that time of year. This could be a sign that the ventilation in your home is not good.

One way to potentially fix this problem is to change the filter in your HVAC system or have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Lead Paint

Though today’s modern homes long ago stopped having lead paint on walls and other areas, older homes may still have this serious health hazard in certain spots. If you have an older home and have children, you need to ensure no lead paint exists anywhere.

Should small children eat paint chips, lead poisoning that can affect the brain and nervous system can result. You can have a professional come in to check if you have lead paint and then have them remove it.

You may also be able to DIY this project with lead paint remover, but you will need proper safety gear and should follow instructions on the can carefully to prevent any injuries or illness.

Mold Growth

If your home is prone to having water in the basement or staying damp due to poor ventilation, mold growth can be a constant problem. When left unchecked, mold of various types can worsen allergies and asthma, negatively impact those with compromised immune systems, and create other health problems.

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      some mold remediation ideas to consider      

To ensure mold removal is done correctly and thoroughly, always hire a professional mold remediation service. By using advanced equipment and cleaning techniques, mold removal experts can not only remove mold you can see, but that which is behind walls, underneath floor coverings, and in other hard-to-reach areas.

Pest Infestation

While you may think having a mouse or a few mosquitos or other insects inside your home is no big deal, that is not true. In fact, pests such as rodents and insects are known to carry various types of diseases, some of which may even be life-threatening.

Many pests can spread e. Coli and salmonella and also cause worsening allergies or asthma symptoms in people prone to these conditions. To keep your home safe, hire professional exterminators to rid your home of dangerous pests.


Lack of Proper Insulation

In many homes, areas such as the attic are not properly and fully insulated. As a result, some rooms may be warm, while others are always cold.

If you don’t correct this problem, you and your family may experience more bouts of the common cold and flu, since your home’s temperatures may always be fluctuating. Poor insulation can also affect other common home problems previously mentioned like increased mold, presence of pests, and poor ventilation.

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Rather than continue to put your health and that of your family at risk, identify these and other serious problems and call in experts to handle the situation. You may even notice your health improve once you get a few of these issues fixed.

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