Six Cheap Ways to Secure Your Home

Six Cheap Ways to Secure Your Home
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    After lots of dedication to acquire items, it makes sense to also protect them from intruders.

    Besides being very expensive to replace items, recovering from stress take almost four month thus deteriorating your health.


Many break in that occurs can easily be prevented using easy, simple and inexpensive measures. Below are various way that can help secure your home and belonging from thieves.

Keep All of the Doors Locked

Doors and windows are major entry points for most intruders. Learn to keep them locked even if you are out for a short period of time. Also avoid leaving keys on the doors and windows locks .installing a peep hole can also be important as it allow you to first know the person before you open the door.

Be Friends With Your Neighbors

Intruders always carry out their research before breaking in. There have the information on when you and your neighbor leave for work or not around. Lucky you if your neighbor is at home during the day as it makes it harder for the thieves. Neighbors can always help to tell on suspicious activity going on in your house.

Get Rid of Hiding Spots

Extremely bushy shrubbery gives a good hiding place for potential thieves. Make sure to keep it low by trimming and pruning all the planting.

Having a good lighting outside your house will also do a lot as no thieve want to be seen breaking in. Have security light installed round your house. Make sure to regularly check the light as a way of maintaining them. If capable, installing a motion sensor floodlight help as it notify you immediately something starts to happen.

Have a Dog As Your Alarm

Having a dog barking outside your house can make an intruder think twice before targeting your house, Posting security- company signs such as “Beware of Dog” in a place that can clearly be seen can help a junk. These can easily be accessed from security firms. Stickers could also do if you find that hard.

Avoid Exposing Valuables

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Avoid having staffs that tells from very far ”hey; I’m so loaded with dollars.” Keep your expensive car inside a closed garage and not outside your gate.

Most thieves are looking for money and so leaving your iPod in a visible place will make your house a greater target for break-in.

Remember they are just looking for something they think is valuable and more portable. You will therefore be creating the urge to come for it and get the hell out.

Always Replace Weak Locks

Make sure that the door and window locks are operating properly. If any problem, fix or replace the locks immediately. You can however use an inexpensive window break alarm.

Remember that you cannot keep your house 100% secured from break-in but with the above tips, you are at least assured of 90%. It is simply making your house to be a lesser target than the surrounding houses.

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