Fire Prevention Basics For Homeowners

Fire Prevention Basics For Homeowners
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    It would have been more catchy if the title said "Preventing house fires the easy way".

    However, making your house as fireproof as possible is a serious undertaking, and there is no easy way around it.


It certainly gets easier if you know where to start. These steps are a crucial part of the process, aside from having the protection that the house was built with. Knowing these extra steps will afford you that extra layer of protection that will dramatically lessen the chances of a tragic fire befalling your home.

A house fire is a terrifying thought, especially when thinking about it in terms of the damage it causes. It is not just the home; you would be left with nothing.

This could be true if preparations have not been made, and if you did, it would still be challenging, but not devastating.

Get Decent Home Insurance

Some of you might frown at this because home insurance takes care of things after a fire. While it gives you that security to rebuild what was destroyed, you might think that it does little to actually prevent a fire from happening.

The single most important thing about getting home insurance in the context of fire prevention is in the process itself.

In this context, please be mindful that it should be a reputable home insurance and not just any insurance company.

Getting a home insurance quote from Allstate or a similar company allows you to use equally reputable home inspectors, and this is what your home would benefit most from.

A home inspection prior to having your home insured will expose previously unknown weak spots and therefore you as the homeowner can have them fixed. Some of them may just be disasters waiting to happen and with the inspection, they will be nipped in the bud before they cause any major problems.

Not only will this save you the time and effort to inspect your home by yourself, but it will be done professionally. Being done by pros means that you are hiring people that have the necessary equipment for it and can spot any problems that no human eyes can at a simple glance.

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Things You Can Do

  • Prepare your family

    When it comes to maintenance, being preventive is always going to be the goal. For the most important part, make sure that your family is ready for any incident by having them participate in fire drills and making sure that they understand the dangers of what can happen.

    Have them practice actual climbing out the fire escapes built into your house, or the windows. Make it fun for younger kids and have them join in fire safety and prevention activities sponsored by local firemen in your area.

    Bedrooms, where your precious family sleep and occupy, must have at least two points of exit, usually the door and one window. Have a prearranged meeting spot after a fire, a place where you and your family can gather after a tragic event. Again, make this fun, especially for younger members of the family.

  • Ensure detectors and alarms are working

    These devices should be placed at the optimal location, and make sure that their batteries are sufficiently charged. Fire extinguishers should not be expired,placed exactly where they need to be, and up to code.

    Alarms should also be in their proper places. Fire extinguishers should be tested in the lifetime of its charge at least once to ensure it is working.

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  • Look for fire triggers

    Take a walk around both the outside and the inside of your house and identify places or things that may inadvertently start a fire. Start inside the house ⁠— are any of your appliances overheating or malfunctioning? If there are any, replace them immediately.

    Extension cords that have excessive loads can trigger a fire as well.  Check on your family’s usage of electrical gadgets to make sure none of the wires are trailing across their beds, or being put through undue stress.

    Fires can also start outside so after a thorough inspection inside, turn your eyes outward to your home’s surroundings. Look at any areas of the garden that need attention, and ensure that fire-prone plants are about 10 feet away from your home. Better yet, choose to have plants that are fire-resistant.

other valuable tips:

No building or house is 100% fireproof, therefore, only the homeowners can ensure their safety by being vigilant and prepared. Be aware of triggers, and conduct inspections between reasonable timeframes to catch any developing problems quickly and keep them from happening.

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