How to Prevent Spring Weeds in Your Mountain Home Garden

How to Prevent Spring Weeds in Your Mountain Home Garden
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    The spring brings in nearly 65 different varieties of noxious weeds, all across Idaho.

    Each year, the state and private landowners here spend about $30 million to manage the spread of the spring weeds.


Unlike the plants you buy from nurseries, the noxious weeds grow naturally on the Idaho soil and water conditions. What you need is qualified landscaping in Mountain Home Idaho, to keep your home garden weed-free.

Here are a few fantastic tips to prevent spring weeds from spoiling your garden’s esthetics.


The common grass weeds you can find in Idaho with the arrival of spring are quack grass, downy brome (cheatgrass), and tall fescue.

In hot and dry conditions, mow these grass weeds too short, to weaken them. Make sure you remove nothing more than one-third of the leaf blade in a single mowing. Moreover, mowing prevents weed seed development.


The state has a dry and arid climate with little natural nutrients in the soil. With soil conditioning imperative in Idaho, your garden requires fertilizers.

Experts in this Spud State recommend fertilizing your lawns annually, with four applications to keep away weed growth. Apply about one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet each time and use white clover as an indicator of low nitrogen levels.

The enriched soil allows the healthy growth of plants you desire and mitigates the spread of unwanted weeds across your garden’s landscape.


Soils with high clay content curb grass growth and create a perfect environment for weeds. You can see noxious weeds like prostrate knotweed and common mallow across Idaho, where the landscape has soil with up to 35% clay content.

The experts of landscaping in Mountain Home Idaho suggest aeration as an alternative to prevent weed growth if the soil in your garden is too compact. Annual soil aeration increases oxygen, water, and nutrient flow to the roots. The springs are the ideal time to go ahead with this process as the plants can quickly adjust.

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Apply a Chemical Attack for Weed Control

Crabgrass dandelions, thistles are all common weeds that develop in local yards here, if untreated. In Idaho’s arid climate, they tend to spread quickly.

Applying a pre-emergent formula is an excellent way to stop them before they start growing.

In Idaho, seasonal weeds cannot be controlled well with spring applications, or when temperatures reach 85°F and conditions become dry. With a light fall freeze, plants prepare for the next year by moving carbohydrates and absorbed herbicides to the root system, resulting in a more effective kill.

Cover Weed Seeds

Bark mulch is quite popular in Idaho, since it reduces weed sprouting by 90%, giving a natural appearance to shrubs.

First, clean out the bed and spruce up the existing plants. Then, apply a 2-3-inch deep layer of bark mulch and finally add any new plants to the bed.

Hand Weeding

You can pull or dig the more straightforward weeds out, annually. This works well if you have very little grass to clear from your garden.

other valuable tips:

In the case of simple perennial weeds like Dandelion that reproduce from both seeds and taproots, cut the roots at least 1.5 inches below the soil surface.

Over 8 million acres of land in Idaho have noxious weeds. The weed growth preventive measures cost an annual $300 million in total economic impact. Thus, hire a lawn maintenance professional, who can help you get rid of all the weed growth in your home garden, cost-effectively.

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