Guide to Lawn Care: Grass Planting and Maintenance

Guide to Lawn Care: Grass Planting and Maintenance
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    A healthy lawn is vital. Aside from curb appeal and adding value to property, it is actually better for health.


How To Have A Healthy Lawn: the yard is a family oasis and entertainment spot for the whole family.

Benefits Of A Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn is vital. Aside from curb appeal and adding value to property, it is actually better for health. A well maintained lawn can produce more oxygen by absorbing carbons then converting it into oxygen. This can reduce pollens and allergies as well. For the hot months a healthy lawn can reduce heat and cool the property.

A green lawn adds pride to homeowners – mixed with nice shrubs and flowers it beautifies any home.

1. Choosing Your New Grass

There are plenty of ways to achieve a carpet of green. You choose, whether it be St. Augustine, Fescue or Bermuda grass, what type of tools you need or type of treatments.

Perhaps professional service is needed to achieve the look desired. Grass requires about four hours of sunshine a day. So for shady area’s a professional may suggest a certain type of seed or soil to blend in those dark spots.

2. Planting New Grass

Planting new grass is a simple procedure. Simply rake the bald spot vigorously and spread down the grass seed evenly. Then add a little nutrient rich soil over the top of the seeds. Water it several times a day to keep it moist.

That’s it, an effective and cheap way to quickly add a band aid before the big family party coming up.

Do-it-Yourself: Lawn Overseeding

3. Mowing Your New Lawn

When it comes to mowing the lawn there is technique in that too. Sharp blades will give you an even cut. You choose the best pattern. It could be straight up and down, side to side or circular cuts.

Your method will show, so test each method and see what looks the best.

Be gentle with your turning, not to dig the tires and rip the grass. A quick look over of the mowing area to remove objects like rocks will prevent bending the blades.

Ask your dealer what type of mowing equipment you should use. Too heavy will sink and get stuck. Of course, large yards need a commercial mower.

4. Adding Fertilizer

Fertilizer will add thickness to lawns. This should be done in the Spring and Fall Months for most places. Though, sometimes some states will recommend a different month depending on the climate. Ask a pro about this too because the wrong fertilizer can burn. Also, ask for something that prevents those pesky mushrooms from growing.

5. Adding A Sprinkler System

It may be beneficial to add a sprinkler system to your lawn. It can be costly depending on several factors. But it can add value and care free maintenance.

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You choose the watering times from a control point. Most do it in the early AM hours before the sun peaks.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your new knowledge with all your friends. Post to Facebook and google+ so friends and neighbors can also have a perfect family lawn carpet. The whole neighborhood will look great.

Do your research online to learn more. There are many sites out there with good advice. Here’s one:



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