How to Bring Your Lawn Back to Life

How to Bring Your Lawn Back to Life
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    The grass doesn't always have to be greener on other people's lawns.

    Being that the appearance of the lawn is usually the first thing someone notices when entering your yard, if the situation doesn't seem too bright in your yard, you must spruce it up a bit.

    You don't want people to think your home's exterior is disappointing and lifeless.


Fertilizing, watering and mowing aren’t enough to have a great-looking lawn. You’ll have to step up the game and turn to different tactics which will give the grass in your yard what it needs to become lush and healthy. Read on to find out some useful tips for getting perfectly green lawn that will make your neighbors green of envy.

Create a Plan

You can’t simply jump into this endeavor without previous considerations. You should create a plan based on the soil, sorts of plants you have, sunny and shady areas and, of course, local climate. What affects the growth and look of the grass the most is the type of soil that is its quality and the amount of organic material and minerals in its composition. To find out what you are dealing with, you’ll have to test your soil. An ideal soil for the plants and grass healthy growth and progress would have pH neutral value.

Identify Soil Problems

To know what kind of nutrients to use and how to treat your lawn in general, first you have to identify any possible soil problems. It can be poorly drained, compacted or contain clay, etc. Depending on the type of the soil, different weeds and problems can occur. There are, however, some weeds that will inhabit just about any type, such as dandelions.

Water it properly

Watering the grass is the most important way of keeping it alive. It is done manually or by using automatic sprinkler systems. Because overwatering the lawn can cause permanent damage, both methods must be used carefully and correctly. The water shouldn’t penetrate the soil more than 8 inches (20 centimeters) deep. Water the grass in intervals of about 10 minutes to let the water sink in. The best time to water the lawn is in early morning hours.

Feed it well

The only way to get a healthy lawn is to have a well-fed lawn. Organic materials are the best fertilizers and nutrients for a lush lawn. Organic care means that you’ll minimize the influence of chemical fertilizers on the environment, and make your grass “greener”. Applying corn gluten meal instead of chemicals is a natural way to deal with crabgrass, for instance. Fertilizing the lawn during the early fall is a base for vigorous grass growth the next year. The amount of fertilizers used is determined by the soil type and the weather.

Let it Breathe

Allowing the grass to breathe means you should remove all the interruptions stopping it from doing that. If there is something preventing sunlight or water to reach certain areas of the lawn, remove it if possible. Roots and thatch piling up on the surface, and weeds should be tackled with whenever you notice them. Avoid walking on the lawn, because you can decompose or compress the soil, which may have a negative influence on the plants and the soil itself.

Taking proper care of your lawn will pay off, not only in aesthetic sense. A thick and healthy lawn functions as an air-conditioner, because the water that is evaporating from the grass is lowering the soil temperature. It is also improving air quality by absorbing dust and other pollutants and producing oxygen. Besides, a greener setting is reducing stress and promotes good health in general. So, don’t wait a second more to breathe in new life into the green, green grass of your home.



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