How to Manage Moth Infestations in Nashville

How to Manage Moth Infestations in Nashville
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    One of the most prolific unwanted house pests common to Nashville and the wider state of Tennessee is the common clothes moth.

    You'll probably have heard of these little blighters as they are known to become a significant nuisance in your household during certain times of the year.


They might not be especially harmful to humans or your pets, but they can become quite destructive, and you may find that your wardrobe, furniture, and carpets can take the brunt of the attack. In this article, we take a closer look at clothes moths, how to identify if you have a problem, and what to do about it.

It’s the larvae that do the damage

If you live in Nashville, you will most likely come across both the Webbing Clothes Moth and the Casemaking Clothes Moth, while slightly different insects they live, breed, and cause problems in a similar fashion.

In both cases, it isn’t the moths that create the tell-tale tiny holes in your belongings but rather the larval stage; small white caterpillars that love feeding on many of your typical household materials.

Identifying your clothes moth problem

You need to be on the lookout for both the caterpillars themselves and the moths. The larva themselves are tiny with tiny dark heads.

The case making moth larva spins itself into a cocoon that can be quite hard to spot, often until it’s too late. The moths themselves equally aren’t very big, no more a centimeter or so in length and a pale or cream color.

What sort of damage can they do?

The damage can be significant and hard to miss. Moth larva left unchecked under a couch, for example, can result in large bare patches in your carpet.

Similarly, you can expect lots of tiny holes to start appearing your clothes, even if they are stored safely away in drawers and wardrobes they love dark spaces away from artificial light sources so behind curtains, under furniture and the back of your drawers are the best places to look if you’re concerned about clothes moths.

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They have a comprehensive diet and are happy to munch down on many natural and man-made fiber alike. For this reason, you could find them infesting rugs, blankets, cushions, the upholstery on furniture, and even your fur coats.

How do you eliminate your clothes moth problem?

Undoubtedly the best way to get rid of your clothes moth problem is to source a Nashville pest control expert who has the experience and the right equipment to deal with your infestation. Without the help of an experienced professional, you are extremely likely to miss all the areas of infestation.

other valuable tips:

Clothes moths are notoriously tricky to track down; while their damage might be easy to spot, they are likely to spread themselves out around your house wherever they can find a dark, secluded spot with plenty of your belongings to eat, making them hard to find.

Identifying the moths, regularly checking up on your stored clothes and materials in dark spaces, and calling a professional to help you are the best ways to get your clothes moth issue quickly under control.

Image credit: moth infestations by Pixabay

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