Answering the Question Of Whether Termite Control Is Worth It?

Answering the Question Of Whether Termite Control Is Worth It?
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    Do you have termites? You probably can't say - you need someone with experience to do an inspection.

    And if they find termite damage, what do you do? Is termite control worth it?


The short answer to this question is yes. If you have ever experienced termites or know someone that has then you’ll instantly appreciate how damaging these insects can be and how much the repairs can cost you.

The Issue With Termites

Termites are relatively small and look similar to ants. They live in colonies and eat a variety of cellulose-based products. The primary one is wood. That’s an issue for any homeowner as there is plenty of wood in your home.

Some wood is decorative. But, some is structural. Once you realize that a termite colony can consume six inches of 2×4 wood in just five months, you’ll start to appreciate the structural damage they can do to your home.

Add in the fact that termites generally live under your home and prefer to be active at night, and you’ll understand why you may not realize they are present for a long time.

Of course, termites are also very tolerant of other termites, meaning you can have several colonies under your home.

Termite Control – The Basics

Termite control is effectively a way to prevent termites from getting into your home or, if they do get in, alerting you to their presence as early as possible.

This will allow you to take steps to eradicate them and help to minimize any damage caused.

There are several techniques you can use as termite control:

  • Termite Baiting

    Termite baiting is one of the simplest and most effective approaches. All you need to do is invest in a termite bait box. This is then laced in an area where you think termites would go. The bait box has a variety of foods in it that appeal to termites.

    You check the bait box regularly and, when the bait starts to disappear, you can assume you have termites. You may even have seen the odd one or two.

    At this point you swap the food for poisoned food, the termites collect the food because past experience tells them it is safe. This is then carried back to the colony. If you’re lucky the entire colony can be eradicated in one go.

    However, the moment you switch bait to poison in the box you should contact a pest control specialist. They will then make sure that the termites are eradicated.

termite controlcarpenter ant control kit

      some wood-baiting controls to consider      

  • Sealing Up Holes

    Termites can get through very small gaps to move in and around your house. It’s time to check the interior and exterior walls and seal up any gaps. It will stop them from getting in.

  • Visual Checks

    Termites need to stay moist. To do this they may have a colony under your home but they will travel through the mud for moisture. This means you will see small holes around the edge of your home in the mud.

    Keep your eyes out for them. If you see any fill them in and watch. The holes will reappear within a day or two, confirming you have termites.

    If you discover signs of termites your termite control systems are working, you can get the problem dealt with before they cause major damage.

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