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What Renovations Are Ideal for Hot and Sunny Weather

What Renovations Are Ideal for Hot and Sunny Weather
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    If the weather is warm, you might not want to think about starting a huge construction project.

    However, it is essential to keep your home protected against extreme heat and sun damage.


Whether it’s to protect your home from damage or to make the indoor temperature more tolerable for you, make sure to consider these renovations to fortify your home against the worst the heat has to throw at it.

Change Your Windows

Tinted windows can block out harsh UV rays and reduce glare. Windows are one of the main sources of energy loss. In the summer you’ll lose that amount in air conditioning. Tinted windows also improve your home security because it is harder for people to see inside. This prevents not only thieves from casing the house from outside, but it can also prevent information theft from your computer screens facing the windows.

Finally, window film also helps hold the glass together if there’s a break in or if a storm shatters the window. Even if you aren’t keen on a tinted window, security films alone can be added for extra shatter resistance.

window screenstinted windows

Consider a Different Roofing Material

The right roof can withstand dramatic temperature changes. Metal roofing is designed to be durable in extremely hot climates. It also minimizes fire risk as this type of roofing won’t dry out or cave in. Metal reduces heat transfer by reflecting the sun off of your home, which keeps your energy costs low.

There are different types of metal that are commonly used in roofing: tin, copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc. Tin is the cheapest option while copper has a nicer finish and is more popular for its longevity and aesthetic. Copper is resistant not only to the curling and cracking of other shingle types, but it also is resistant to rust and bacterial growth.

exterior window shuttersroof solar power

Add a Canopy

A patio canopy creates an effect similar to that of a sun room without the larger investment. It shields you and your guests from the sun. Patio canopies also extend the life of outdoor furniture by preventing too much fading or warping from the heat. Plastic furniture, in particular, is prone to warping and fading if left out in the sun.

Canopies can be installed as temporary fixtures with removable poles, or you can get a rolling canopy that can be pulled out and rolled back up again against the side of your home. Rolling canopies can be automated for added convenience.

other valuable tips:

Block Out Excess Light

Roller blinds can be made from many different fabrics. Some fabrics even have sunscreen-like properties. Blackout fabric is the most extreme option. You can go the dual route by layering fabrics over each other for when you want more of a cooling effect.

These blinds are both easy to install and easy to use. They can operate with a spring assistant or a motorized device. The motorized system allows you to operate many blinds at once. This is an ideal choice if you have lots of furniture in the way.

motorized window blindsmotorized window roller

You can still enjoy your house even if it’s burning out. A few tweaks here and there will have a comfortable shady setup that prevents excess heat indoors without breaking your AC. Protecting your furniture from damage, as well, makes the sunny days much more enjoyable for many.

So what do you think about these ideal renovations hot sunny weather – something you would like to share with your friends and family who live in extreme hot conditions?

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