7 Home Renovations to Make your House Energy Efficient this Fall

7 Home Renovations to Make your House Energy Efficient this Fall
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    Ceiling fans can reduce your utility bills in the summer and the winter.

    They can reduce the workload of your HVAC system.


Most people are interested in having more money. Saving money is one way to have more money, and your house can help you do that!

Solar Energy

The sun’s energy is an excellent source for heating, cooling, and providing light for your home. Solar panels are becoming more accessible to homeowners, and installation is available for on the roof and laid into the roof. Also available is the option of retiling the roof with solar tiles. On a smaller scale, solar lighting can be used for your outdoor accent lights and motion sensor security lights.


Have you thought about the quality of the insulation in your house? Insulation helps to keep your house comfortable, no matter what the season. It also reduces utility bills. Your home insulation needs depend on where you live. The areas of your home that need it include the:

  • attic
  • walls
  • ceilings

There are different insulation materials to choose from including cellulose, foam, cotton, and mineral wood. Fiberglass and cellulose are the most chosen. When making the decision about which material to choose, you will want to consider, among other things, fire safety, moisture, air infiltration, and lifetime performance.

Heating and Cooling Ducts

Make sure that the conduits to your heating and cooling system are not leaking. If the company that installed your system does not offer support services, companies like Bone Heating and Cooling, provide scheduled maintenance at your convenience. Another cost-saving device is the programmable thermostat. If your heating and cooling system does not include one, you may want to upgrade your system by adding this type of thermostat.

Ceiling Fans

These fans can reduce your utility bills in the summer and the winter. When the fan blades turn in a counter-clockwise direction, during the summer, they cause a breeze to circulate through the room making the room feel cooler. When it is winter, change the fan blades to turn clockwise to push warm air up to the ceiling, and then down the walls, re-circulating the air in the room. Summer and winter, ceiling fans reduce the workload of your HVAC system.


Adding weather-stripping or applying caulking to cracks and gaps around leaking windows can decrease air leakage.

If it is time to replace the windows in your home, or you want to update your home’s appearance, think about replacing them with energy-efficient windows. They lower the cost of your heating and cooling bills.

Storm windows may be an alternative for you that may cost less than replacing all of your windows. If the inside windows are in good repair, then having storm windows installed will save you time and money. Storm window placement is on the outside of your regular windows. They cause an insulation barrier that significantly decreases the transfer of heat and cold through them, thus substantially reducing heating and cooling bills.


Hollow metal exterior doors allow air to infiltrate through them, and contribute to air leakage. Weather-stripping can eliminate some energy loss, but when possible, get a new door. Newer models of exterior doors have better insulation and fit better. Keep in mind that sliding glass door (if you have one) also. They tend to lose more heat than other types of doors.

The Dishwasher

Newer model dishwashers use less water than the older models, so if it is time for a replacement, replace it. This upgrade will not only be stylish, but it will also save you money

Renovating is not only about visible aesthetics. It is also about repairing and restoring the functionality of areas not readily seen. Find out how efficient or inefficient your house is because it could be costing you money.

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