4 Ways Warm Weather Can Threaten Your Home

4 Ways Warm Weather Can Threaten Your Home
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    We protect ourselves from spring and summer by applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing and keeping hats on hand.

    Unfortunately, the ways to protect our homes are a little more difficult.

    Some people may not even realize that their homes are at risk when the warm weather appears.

Warm Weather Threats

1. Bleaching

Sunlight can bleach wood paneling, doors, floors, upholstery and carpeting where they are kissed by the sun. Quoted in a Houzz article, sunlight damages in these proportions: UVA and UVB account for 45% of the damage, heat and infrared for 25%, and visible light for 25%. Even residents of mild-climate, temperate regions witness sun damage to their homes from time to time.

Window treatments such as curtains and blinds can help prevent some of the damage. Adding a tinted film to windows can also block a percentage of the culprit UVA and UVB rays. Some solar window films can keep out 99.9% of the damaging UV rays while being reasonably priced for the average homeowner.

2. Pests

We aren’t the only ones who come out of hiding when the nice weather arrives. Ants, mosquitos, bed bugs, termites, bees and rats also creep into the light of day. Warm weather creates a breeding ground for insect and rodents that threaten the structure of your home, in addition to your health. These creepy critters can damage our home’s foundation and structure. They bore holes into walls, paneling and furniture. Plus, they can damage our health.

You may want to consider calling an exterminator to rid your home and property of these harmful creatures. Also, when reaching out to a company in your area, look into the possibility of environmentally-friendly extermination methods. Some companies offer pest control in Glenview and elsewhere while implementing ecologically-friendly practices.

3. Humidity

Humidity that may follow warm weather if you live in coastal zones can cause water damage in the form of peeling paint, mold/mildew, ruined wood and damaged artwork/photographs.

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Water in the air can damage the bond of paint on walls, causing the paint to form bubbles, crack and peel. Also, mold and mildew can spread like wildfire in hot, humid environments. Not only is mold and mildew harmful to our health, but it can stain our walls and ceilings. Having a dehumidifier, or keeping the air conditioning turned on, can help prevent damage from humidity.

4. Roof Damage

Roofing materials may degrade with exposure to the sun. We all know that roofing materials need to be replaced periodically, but sun exposure can increase the intervals, making roof repair a costly habit. UV rays can leave shingles brittle (to the point of breaking). Be sure to check your roof in the spring and fall so you can replace damaged shingles before your home suffers costly water damage.

From the sun to moisture, there are many ways that warm weather can wreak havoc to our sacred spaces. Protect your home by researching the materials that best handle UV ray exposure and air moisture.

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