Filters for Home Water Supply Improvement

Filters for Home Water Supply Improvement
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    Your water supply, be it well water or municipal supply, may not be as safe for consumption as it should be.

    Its physical properties (color, smell, and taste) may not look threatening, but that does not mean that you should take safety for granted.


Your eyes cannot see the microscopic elements in water. In view of this, you need to think about how to safeguard the health of your loved ones, especially if you have children.

The installation of filters is the right step to take in order to ensure that you are getting good portable water. You need to install a filtration system in your home that would make the water supply safe for drinking, cooking, and other uses.

In this article, you will be made to understand what the installation of filters entail. This will get you more interested in the idea apart from the benefits you can read about in the article on filtration. A healthier lifestyle is just a few paragraphs away.

Purifying Water

There is need to understand what purification is and how it is different from filtration. The two terms are mixed up in some contexts, but they are very distinct. The process of purification involves more steps than filtration.

An instance can be seen in how water specimens used in laboratories are purified to achieve certain standards. The various processes of purification are carried out in such a way that each experiment will not be compromised in any way.

For labs, water needs to achieve different levels of purity in order to be suitable for some special experiments. Filtration will not be enough in such scenarios.

Generally, the water supply is considered purified when it has been treated to a certain point where the chemical and pathogen levels are very low. Distillation is one of the common methods that are adopted when purifying water.

On the other hand, filtration is a process that ensures that impurities are held back by the membranes in the devices installed.

As a beneficiary of municipal water supply or other domestic sources, you should understand that filters are the only means through which you can be sure that good potable water is running through the taps in your home.

The World of Filters/Filtration Devices

You may have seen so many types of filters in the market, but you may not be familiar with their categorization.  Certain varieties may bear a semblance to others, but you will understand their differences when you look closely or read about them.

The two major categories of products available in the market are point-of-use and point-of-entry systems. Point-of-use filters, which are abbreviated as POUs, are used for the treatment of water as it comes through the taps.

On the other hand, point-of-entry filters, which are abbreviated as POEs, are installed at the point where the municipal system pipes pass water into the property.

water monitoring systemwater collection barrels

There are many filtration systems out there, but the most popular ones are the granular-activated carbon (GAC) varieties. They can be installed in various places in your home or used for whole-house filtration. You can place them on counter-tops or install them with your taps.

While shopping, you may come across the carbon filter varieties. Not all devices that belong to this category have the same features. Some may be more effective at getting rid of impurities than others. There are varieties that can handle heavy metals and other large particles, while some can take care of chemical residue or radio-active contaminants.

In your search, you may also reverse osmosis filtration systems. For you to understand how they work, you should read about osmosis. Basically, osmosis enables the passing of solvents through semi-permeable membranes. Read more about that here.

For reverse osmosis, the case is the opposite, but there are still special membranes involved. The devices used for this purpose ensure that water passing through the membranes becomes clean. The contaminants are held back effectively.

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Distillation is a very effective method of filtration, where water is boiled and other processes take place. As the water boils, it evaporates to form a condensation. This process can get rid of so many contaminants ― from harmful micro-organisms to chemical residue. Nonetheless, there are some types of chemicals that cannot be blocked. This is where secondary filtration devices would come in.

Other methods like the ion exchange treatment are still undergoing a series of developmental stages in labs, hence they are not as common as the ones explained above. As the name implies IE treatments involve an exchange, where compounds are replaced ― “bad for good”. Ions are formed when the unwanted elements are dissolved.

Choosing a Device/System

Now that you have understood a little about the various products sold online, the next thing to consider would be which is best for your home. With the above explanations, you can begin to cross out options off your checklist.

By now, it is clear that there is no 100% effective system for the obstruction of all impurities. What you can adopt is a two-in-one system (whole-house) to handle as many unwanted elements as possible.

You should consider the plumbing work done in your home, your kitchen setting, and where the taps are stationed while shopping for a device. You also need to assess the characteristics of the water being supplied to your home. How does it taste, smell, and look?

other valuable tips:

The physical appearance says a lot about its other physical features. With strange coloring and the presence of sediments, you can be sure that something is wrong. There various kinds of smells in tap water that one may find offensive. For taste, you may find the water salty, metallic, or sweet, which are negative signs.

Whatever may be in the water that comes into your home, you should not let it affect your health or that of your loved ones. Get a filter as soon as possible to be safe from the many contaminants that threaten your lives. Do not get misled by the fake reviews online.

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