Fire Door Security Tips

Fire Door Security Tips
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    Fires in the U.S. are no joke, each year more than 4,000 people die and over 25,000 people are injured in our country due to fire.

    Taking the right prevention measures is an absolute necessity and in business it can be a requirement.


If you’re looking at trading out doors for new fire doors doing it at the time of a remodel or renovation can save both time and money because several economies of scale come into play. Understanding the best use and best practice of your fire safety door is paramount to its successful integration into your company.

Herein we will discuss 5 tips on how to get the most out of your fire safety door.

Fire Door Safety Tips

1. Never hold the door open with anything that does not automatically release the door and allow it to close when an alarm sounds.

Do not allow employees or others to hold the door open by tying string to the handle and hooking it to the wall. Do not allow the door to be propped open with a rock, a wedge, a piece of wood or any other object or material that doesn’t release the door automatically when your fire alarm security system sounds.

2. Do not allow a kick door clamp to be used on the latch mechanism of your fire door. These are a 3/4 square metal bracket that many companies will use to keep the door from latching when it closes. The purpose in most cases is to then allow employees to kick the bottom of the door usually after adding a kick plate so that they can easily enter or exit with arms full of supplies or materials.

You’ve likely seen them in restaurants leading to the kitchen. Waiters and bus staff can then go through carrying tubs and copious amounts of food plates stacked on their arms while just kicking the door open with their foot.

This is an absolute no, no for fire doors as they must be able latch shut upon closure.

3. Be sure that if you’re going to have new fire safety doors installed that you ensure that you select the right contractor.

If you hire a contractor who doesn’t have the needed licensing and training then you could be held liable in the event of injury or property damage. It’s not just that you have to ensure that they possess the proper credentials but it’s also up to you to ensure that they are up to date and current at the time of their install into your facility.

This is not one of those things that you want to overlook, it’s crucial to you remaining cleared when the fire safety guys do their inspection after an event such as a fire. They may not request to see those types of documents when they do their routine inspections but boy do they ever when it comes time to do their post incident investigation.

4. Do fire drills that involve the proper use of fire doors. Most people won’t know much about the proper use of a fire door unless you teach them. One of the tips you need to instill in them is that they must close the fire door behind them every single time they enter or exit. This should be just common sense but fire doors don’t work if they are open, they need to be closed to stop the spread of fire.

5. Don’t allow anything to be piled up in front of a fire door. People will need to exit and it there are supplies, machine parts or even exterior rubbish like leaves or dirt piled up and the door cannot open properly then it must be cleared of this now and kept cleared in the future.

You can look at lists of exterior building maintenance tips for suggestions of you would like but a good dose of common sense is generally all that’s required.

Use your fire safety door as it’s designed to be used. It’s a passive fire protection asset so investigate how you can incorporate it into your normal fire safety best practices and you’ll keep everyone safe and your financial assets covered from suit if a fire ever was to occur.

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