10 Genius Ideas for Building a Kitchen Pantry

10 Genius Ideas for Building a Kitchen Pantry

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4.5 out of 5
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    Small improvements are always welcome and possible in your household.

    And the most common room that receives these upgrades is the kitchen.

    If you're looking to make your kitchen more spacious, making a new pantry might be a good idea.


Here are some genius ideas for building a pantry, to help you maximize the potential of your kitchen storage space. Finally, you’ll get the chance to give your kitchen the facelift it deserves.

1. Door Magic

Getting the most out of your pantry starts with the doors. This is especially useful if you’re working with limited space in the kitchen.

Instead of getting regular doors for your kitchen pantry, you can use sliding ones. This way, you’ll need less space to manipulate the doors, and thus have more space in your kitchen.

  • Genius Idea:
    For extra usefulness, glue a blackboard to your sliding pantry doors! Use them to write your shopping list or anything else you might need in the kitchen.

2. Frame Away

If you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen, you can just make one! One of our genius ideas for building a pantry will enable you to make storage space anywhere in your kitchen. Just make a frame out of boards, frame a door and put drywall over it. Voila! You’ve got a pantry. Now, just nail it to a wall and you’re ready to go.

  • Genius Idea:
    If you use the corners in your home, you only need to make one side of the pantry. Just frame the door and let the corners do the rest! Now, you’re just a few shelves away from a pantry.

3. Shelves Beat Drawers

If you’re looking to have an organized kitchen storage space, use shelves, not drawers when you’re building it! Since organizing your space is why you need a kitchen pantry in the first place, you’ll want your pantry to be as neat as possible.

  • Genius Idea:
    If you’re really that desperate for the extra protection that drawers provide, there are a lot of other ways to get the same result while keeping your things nice and neat.

    1. Sliding shelves – see and use the whole space with these!
    2. Plastic containers – this isn’t one of the genius ideas for building a pantry as much as it is a good idea for keeping your pantry organized!

4. The Right Size

Make sure you get the right shelf height, length and depth when building a pantry.

  • Genius Idea:
    Don’t build your pantry according to some measurements. Measure the things you’re going to keep in there and build shelves according to their size!

    One thing you should keep in mind though is to make your shelves progressively less deep as you climb up. This will enable you to reach everything even on the highest places. No more forgotten cans at the ends of high shelves!

    Don’t measure your shelves with a ruler, measure the space you need to keep your things on them.

5. Wake Your Inner MacGyver!

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen on a low budget, you will need to adapt to the situation and use what you can. Cut your kitchen drywall and make your pantry inside the wall.

  • Genius Idea:
    You don’t have to cut your drywall to make a pantry though! Use an old coat closet or that storage space under your stairs.

6. Utilize the Potential of Pantry Corners

The corners are usually the lost parts of our pantries. We put things in there and seem to forget they ever existed. At least until we decide to clean our pantry, by which time all of their expiration dates have passed.

  • Genius Idea:
    Spinning wheels make everything reachable! Make a wheel in each of the corners and screw them to the shelf so they can turn. Now you’ll be able to reach everything you put there by simply turning the wheel which will help you have a more efficient kitchen.

    Cupboard and pantry corners are the Bermuda triangles of our kitchens!

7. Themed Packing

When you’re done building your pantry, you’ll need to put all your things in there. A good way is to pack your items by:

  1. Theme – fruit, then canned items, then dried things, then spices, then herbs, etc.
  2. Expiration date – all things about to go bad get pushed to the left. This way, you’ll know which items to use first.
  3. How often you use them – things you use more often should go on the chest high shelves.

  • Genius Idea:
    Do everything – from left to right and top to bottom. This way you can make a coordination system of foodstuffs and you’ll never be disorganized again! Make sure you know what goes where.

8. Useful Decoration

Use glass jars, plastic bins and labels to make your pantry not only more organized, but more beautiful, as well. Uniformity is beautiful and organized, too!

  • Genius Idea:
    Screwing the jar lids to your cabinets and shelves will give you a great decorative piece. Just make sure you don’t keep anything too heavy in these jars. They’re best used for dried goods, which don’t weigh a lot.

    These colors will pop in any pantry and make it more beautiful!

9. Keep It Dry

One of the most essential genius ideas for building a pantry is to construct it well. A dry pantry is a good pantry, so you’ll need to make sure you have good airflow while you’re making your kitchen storage space. For this, you’ll want to have well insulated walls

  • Genius Idea:
    Make small holes in the walls or the door to enable the air to flow through freely. Put a wire mesh on these holes to prevent any pests from getting into your precious food supply.

    Be especially careful how you make your pantry if you’re trying to do it yourself!

10. Multipurpose Holes in The Walls

The more holes you have in the walls of your pantry, the more useful it is! They can allow you to hang things and move shelves around. But, make sure you keep things safe when building your kitchen pantry! Doing any home renovation by yourself can be dangerous and may result in injury.

  • Genius Idea:
    The best way to achieve this is by nailing pegboards to your pantry walls when making it. This really is one of the most genius ideas for building a pantry, as it will allow you to adapt your shelves any way you want, as well as enable you to hang kitchen tools anywhere!
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