5 Design Ideas for Your Pantry

5 Design Ideas for Your Pantry
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    A pantry was originally the place in a home where food, dishes and linens were stored, typically a small room located immediately off of the kitchen.

    Well before refrigeration, a pantry was often used to store bread and may have been used for food preparation.


Today, homes that have a pantry may be used for storage and are often closet sized instead of the walk in room size of a traditional pantry.

Homes with a larger pantry present an invitation for a design makeover. There are a number of ways that you can transform your pantry by updating it to include modern touches or by giving it a distinctive retro flair.

1. Clear it out. First things first: you will want to clear out your kitchen pantry, before updating its design. With food, dishes, linens and other items out of the way, you are in a better position to evaluate what design changes you want to make.

2. Choose your color. Choose a wall color for your pantry, going beyond the various shades of white that are featured in most such rooms. Your choice of paint color, however can transform a room like nothing else. Choose pastels or soft creams to give the illusion of depth. Satin or semi-gloss paint will reflect your light source, to enhance its overall appearance.

3. Use shelf liners. A dull looking pantry can be remedied by choosing the right wall color. It can also gain a more festive look if you choose shelf liners. Look for styles and colors that contrast the wall and offer a defining look. You might also rearrange the shelving to leave more space between some shelves, inserting hooks on the wall shelving to hang a portable light. This is ideal for any pantry that is dark or where lighting is uneven.

4. Install lazy susans. If room is tight or if you simply want to make the most of the room that you have, one or more lazy susans can come in handy. Shelves that are narrow and deep may prove ideal locations for these rotating trays, ensuring that everything is within reach and rotated with care.

5. Organize your pantry. Pull out paper and pencil, with the intent to create an organization system for your pantry. You already know what you want to keep in your pantry, now you need to determine where everything will go. Heavy and bulky items can be placed on the floor, below the bottom shelf. If you are concerned about moisture, place these items in plastic bins, then store. Set aside different areas on shelves to hold cans, dry goods, small appliances and more.

Design Considerations

The more room in your pantry, the better your options are for remaking the room if needed. If your budget is limited and shelving needs to be replaced, consider removing the wood and replacing it with wire mesh shelving. Your cost will come in lower than wood and you will gain shelving that is strong enough to hold heavy items and is also ventilated. Its durable too when you choose shelving made from epoxy-coated steel.

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