Go Green This Spring with Environmentally Friendly Rental Upgrades

Go Green This Spring with Environmentally Friendly Rental Upgrades
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    One of this year's most popular rental industry trends is the move towards sustainability.

    Renters, too, are more environmentally conscious than ever, and therefore prefer to live in greener properties.


It is in your best interest to outfit your property with these energy efficient alternatives.  Help the environment and catch the eye of renters by using these green rental upgrades.

Get a Home Energy Audit

Also known as a home energy assessment, a home energy audit is the process of measuring how much energy your home consumes.  The audit takes a look at which areas and amenities are using the most energy, as well as steps you can take to make your property more energy efficient. 

There are many methods to measure energy usage, including blower door tests, thermographic inspections, the PFT air infiltration measurement technique, and more.  You may hire a professional to employ these techniques, or you may also find steps to perform a home energy audit yourself.

Use Reclaimed Wood

There is no doubt that wood floors make for a beautiful addition to a property, and can add a lot of eye-catching appeal.  However, using new wood perpetuates deforestation and sometimes even unethical treatment of the environment. 

If you must have wood flooring or even wood walls, consider using reclaimed wood.  Reclaimed wood is wood that has been repurposed from old structures, such as from barns and other structures. 

Using repurposed wood is a great way to recycle viable resources and reduce your imprint on the environment.  It also coincides with the trend of “rustic” or “weathered” home furniture and walls.

Install a Terrazzo Countertop

Terrazzo countertops are a fun way not only to help recycle old materials but to spice up your kitchen, floor, or outdoor space as well.  Terrazzo is made by recycling old materials—mostly glass—into a mixture that creates a hard surface.  Over the years, terrazzo has been made into beautiful works of art that can make your living property. 

Terrazzo comes in a variety of natural colors such as white, beige, and stone in any number of combinations.  You can also get terrazzo flooring in bright hues such as blues, purples, greens, reds, oranges, and yellows.  One of the biggest appeals of terrazzo flooring is that the colors and patterns come in a nearly limitless array.  Shake up your kitchen, floor, or patio with this beautiful recycled material.

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Utilize Energy Efficient Windows

One of the biggest areas of lost energy within a home is through new windows.  When it comes to windows, some are better than others are.  Traditional wood trimmed windows, for example, tend to lose the most amount of heat.  Vinyl trimming tends to keep more energy inside. 

Storm windows have some of the greatest potential to retain energy.  This is because they have two panes.  Make sure that with any window you use, that you caulk for any stationary cracks, joints, and gaps.  You will also want to weather strip to account for windows and even doors.

Go Solar

In recent years, solar paneling has become even cheaper.  What’s more, some states and cities even offer tax incentives to encourage people to go solar.  Today, you can get your home appraised for solar energy in order to ascertain the effectiveness of solar energy in your property. 

In some sunny cities, you can expect to save tens of thousands of dollars over the years to make up for your investment.  This is also a great incentive to raise rent to offset some of the cost.

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Insulate Your Walls and Attic

Another main way in which properties tend to lose energy has to do with the lack of insulation in the home.  Insulation is usually made of a mix of fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose from old newspaper.  This material is stored between the walls of the home and in the ceiling to keep heat in.  By insulating the property, the tenants will use less energy, which will save both of you money in the end.

Energy efficiency starts with you.  If you want to retain an energy efficient property for you and your tenants, follow these tips to be well on your way.  In order to get the best tenants who will appreciate your eco-friendly upgrades, have a list of questions to ask potential tenants.  This way, you will get reliable tenants who over time will pay you back for your efforts.

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