What You Should Know Before Installing New Lights in Your Home

What You Should Know Before Installing New Lights in Your Home
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    Whether you are remodeling a room or your entire house, you just cannot ignore lighting.


That beautiful kitchen wall won’t look half as impressive if the color and the design are not highlighted by appropriate modern lighting. However, it can be a confusing affair to know what lights to use in which room. If you plan on installing some new lights anytime soon, the following points should help you with that.

Living Room

The first rule is to avoid recessed downlights in the living room. You want the lighting to be designed in a way so that it bounces off the ceiling and provides ambient lighting which illuminates the entire room brightly, without creating shadows or blinding you when you look up at the bulbs. You could use soffit or valance lighting on the walls to create that sense of ambient illumination.

If you must use recessed bulbs or track lighting, angle them towards the walls. If the room is big enough, augment wall lighting with adjustable incandescent lamps (400 lumens) on tables or even the floor. If you have a bookshelf with space behind it, or if you plan on installing one, just add a fluorescent bulb or two behind it as well. 1500 – 3,000 lumens usually cover most drawing rooms when using the ambient wall lighting method.


Avoid ceiling mounted fixed bulbs, as you don’t want the light source to tire your eyes out while lying down. In accordance with the theme of relaxation and rest, try smaller light sources like floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces on the side of the dressing table or the mirror. The closet, on the other hand, can be illuminated with recessed lighting. It isn’t a bad idea to keep the ambient light in your bedroom to a minimum, as it helps with the mood of the room.


Inside the kitchen, task lighting near the counters and the sink is of the most importance. Use lights placed under the cabinets rather than overhead fixtures to avoid shadows while working on a counter. Fluorescent T5 light sources will be better for under-the-cabinet lighting; more so than LED lights.

The sink should be near a window to allow natural illumination, but when it’s dark outside, install a soffit light above the sink. Finally, there should be one single central light source on the ceiling.


When it comes to bathrooms, opt for sconce lighting; two lights on the side of the bathroom mirror and one on the opposite wall. Be careful that the light source on the opposite wall is not in line with the mirror, or the resulting reflection will be very counterproductive. The sconce lights on the side of the mirror should not be less than 1,700 lumens, with the total lumen count in most average bathrooms ranging in-between 4,000 – 6,000 lumens.

The basic idea behind choosing your lighting indoors is to make note of a few points while remodeling.

  • Avoid overhead fixtures when you can
  • Ambient lighting is mostly better than recessed lighting
  • Multiple smaller sources of light are better than one single source of bright (and harsh) light
  • The color of the paint should be taken into account while choosing the lumen count

You are now ready to rearrange your lighting and make your home more beautiful than ever.

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