Infestation Detection: Early Warning Signs of Invading Pests

Infestation Detection: Early Warning Signs of Invading Pests
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    Your home is a sacred place. A place to relax, unwind, and be comfortable.

    Unfortunately, the appearance of household pests like mice, fleas, and bedbugs can compromise that feeling of ease.

    Not only that, but they can be incredibly expensive to remove!


Sometimes, these pests can cause issues so large that they cause permanent damage. The key to keeping them from destroying your property is early detection; catch them before they can reproduce in your home!

Here are a few tips to keeping your home from being infested.

  • Know the Signs

    While the appearance of some pests might be easy to spot, some can easily go undetected until it is too late. According to a local pest control company in Bixby, Oklahoma, nothing can be done until the intruder is identified. Mice may be the easiest of the bunch to spot, as they can be seen scampering through the house. They also leave droppings and tend to nibble on things left in cupboards. Look for gnaw marks, small holes, and tiny scratches. Some other signs of pests include strange noises, visible holes, damaged wiring, and sagging floors.

    When checking for pests, know that most pests have peculiar smells. If you suddenly smell something unidentifiable in your home, check for other signs of pests as well. For example, cockroaches are known to smell like "fecal soy sauce."

  • Check for Outdoor Breeding Grounds

    If you are worried about pests getting in the house, a good place to start is outside. Different pests create different breeding grounds, so it is again important to know what to look for. Check for large garbage build ups nearby where bugs and rodents tend to gather. Check for damaged plants that have gnawing and nibbling, lawn damage, mole holes, and ant hills in the vicinity of your home.

  • What to Do If You Find Pests

    If you find pests in your home, you can attempt to remove them on your own using traps or poisons. Be advised that this can be dangerous, especially if you have pets around the house. Consider natural alternatives, such as getting a barn cat for your mice problem.

    If you cannot find anything that works for you, then figure out what kinds of traps you can use for the pest you are having an issue with. Consider how messy or obstructive the trap can be before choosing one. Do-it-yourself trapping, while cost-effective, does not always work. Exterminators can be costly, but sometimes it is the only way to completely remove the problem.

When the sanctity of your home is being compromised by pests, know that they can be easily removed and you do not have to settle. You home is your own and you do not need to share it with mice, termites, cockroaches, or any other pest. There are many options for both prevention and removal.

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