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Outdoor Structures

How to Improve Your Home This Spring With a Chicken Coop

Tweet A wonderful idea to try is to build a chicken coop. Chicken are less demanding to take care of when reared in small numbers. However, before considering this idea,

Yard and Garden

Backyard Hack – How Hardwork Can Yield a Yard to Enjoy

Tweet Spring is a great time of year. Birds are chirping and the weather is slowly warming. It’s time for a yard project. You know, that project, that you have


Installing a Fire Pit in your Own Yard: A Short Guide

Tweet Spring is in the air! And how much more can you enjoy this season than by heading out to your yard and enjoying the sights and smells that spring

Garden Plants

Getting Ready for Spring Planting – Make It Less Hectic This Year!

Tweet Winter is usually quiet with regard to the garden, but that peace does not last. Spring will come, and soon you will be busy attending to your garden as

Pest Control

Spring Critters: How to Keep the Pests at Bay

Tweet Springtime isn’t all blooming flowers and rain boots. As the weather starts to turn more pleasant, many homeowners notice they’re seeing more pests than they did during the winter.

Yard and Garden

Deciding on the Best Time to Trim Trees

Tweet Tree trimming helps form trees, preserve their beauty, and keep surrounding object safe from harm, but when is the best time to trim trees? Most of this question depends

General News

Organize Your Spring Garage Sale

Tweet Spring Garage Sale As a homeowner, you can supply the gently used or at least the well worn, but still functional items that others might want. You’ve been planning

Garden Maintenance

How to Rejuvenate Old Hedges

Tweet Unlike manmade fences, regular maintenance of hedges is necessary, to ensure plant health and long life. Prune it right and you can provide the look that you want. Prune

Home Structure

Looking Towards Spring

Even though we are still in the month of February, many of us are looking towards Spring and all its beauty! Believe it or not, there are a few easy tasks that you can do to prepare your home and outdoors before the weather breaks into the next season.

Home Interior

Planning a Home Improvement Project for the Upcoming Spring Season

Tweet Even though the weather is still dreary and cold, it’s never too soon to start thinking about spring. If you want your home to be fresh and colorful when