Winter Woes: How to Make Your Home Warmer for Less Money

Winter Woes: How to Make Your Home Warmer for Less Money
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    As the cold winds move through your area, it's tempting to turn up the thermostat.

    However, this can lead to high heating bills and can really put a dent in your budget.


If you’re tired of feeling chilly in your own home, then you may want to try a few of these smart tips to stay warm without going for a higher household bill.

Block Drafts with Curtains

The great thing about thermal curtains is they can block drafts around older windows without you having to do a complete renovation. Pick out a few pairs you like, and use them to dress up the windows throughout your home. Pull them closed at night to reduce the heat transfer, block drafts, and warm up your living space. If your windows are very drafty and there’s no money in your budget for replacements, then cover them with plastic. This will create a layer of dead air that can serve as a very effective insulator.

Ongoing Maintenance

Have a Spokane Heater and Air Conditioner Work service or other local company give your system the attention it needs. With a proper tune-up, your system will operate more efficiently, and keep your home toasty warm. You can also change the filter frequently to maximize airflow and help prevent further problems. Check furniture placement to be sure all of your vents are fully exposed.

An option to plan for future winters (and hot summers). Make your home more energy efficient!

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Space Heaters and Smart Air Movement

Modern space heaters are more efficient and safer than older models. Place one in the room you use most to heat up your space without trying to increase the temperature throughout your entire home. Shut the vents and doors to rooms that aren’t being used. The heated air will be forced into areas your family uses a lot more. You can also do a little more baking this time of year and let the oven naturally warm the house.

The Right Wardrobe

You lose a surprising amount of body heat through your feet, so simply putting socks on can help you feel warmer. Remind family members to wear long sleeves and sweaters so you won’t have to bump the heat up as much. Switch to flannel or even fleece sheets to help everyone remain comfortable at night.

A few simple changes can make your home warmer, and ensure your family is comfortable. The cost of heating your home can rise rapidly, but you’ll be able to drop the thermostat by a few degrees once you know what steps to take. You’ll save money and help everyone stay warm and cozy.



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