Repair Or Replace: Ask San Jose CA Furnace Repair And Heating Services

Repair Or Replace: Ask San Jose CA Furnace Repair And Heating Services
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    Maintaining the heating system in a home is important in keeping you warm as the temperatures drop.

    Even with proper professional inspections and homeowner upkeep, a furnace won't last forever.


It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings for indications that the furnace may be reaching its limit, especially if the system has a significant age.

Warning Signs A Furnace May Be Deteriorating

When a furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan, there will be telltale signs within the home to let you know. It’s critical to be attuned to the function of your heating system so you notice any slight variations in the operation as well as any changes taking place with the temperature, utility costs, or air quality inside the house.

Annual inspections with professional furnace services will help you keep up with how the unit functions and what to look for if anything were to go wrong.

  • A typical modern furnace on the market today offers a lifespan of approximately 25 years. The suggestion is that consumers should start considering the idea of a new heating system after 15 years.

    To achieve longevity with a unit, it’s important that homeowners perform general upkeep of the system.

    Changing out the filters on a regular schedule to keep dirty, clogged filters from damaging the heater and properly setting the breaker and shut off switches are easy tasks to maintain.

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In order to save on energy bills, use a programmable thermostat that you keep set at a low temperature during the nighttime and when you’re not home and keep windows and doors sealed to prevent heat from leaking through gaps.

  • Watch Utility Costs

    If you’re noticing that the utility bills are still rising or you’re having to call repair services more often, it’s an indication that the furnace may be irreparable. A heating system that is working harder to generate heat is going to create larger energy costs.

    The strain on the unit will inevitably cause more reasons for repairs leading to greater expenses for maintenance. The purchase of a new, more efficient system will give you a cost-effective solution to your heating needs and give you a more effective resource to keep your home comfortable.

  • Heat Distribution

    When you notice that one room is colder than another, there is an issue with the heater. The furnace is distributing heating unevenly throughout the house which is a common issue as a unit progresses in age.

    A problem such as this is something a homeowner needs to be paying pretty close attention to notice as it can be subtle.

    Go to to learn when an old system should be put down.

  • Check Registers

    A ‘grille’ or ‘register’ to a heater is the ventilator’s duct cover which you can open or close. Registers have a damper that allows for the control of airflow in the duct. If these are surrounded by rust, dust or soot inside your home, the furnace has excessive CO2 which can make the air too dry.

    The dry air has the potential to damage the flooring, kill plants, and destroy furniture, not to mention the effects on health including respiratory issues, dry eyes, and an itchy throat when inhaled. If you sense this issue, a replacement is the solution.

other valuable tips:
  • Have Inspection

    A furnace makes noise typically, but if the noises are out of the ordinary or particularly loud, you may want to have an inspection and consider a new unit.

    There are a variety of different sounds each with a unique set of issues such as a squeal or screech which could be an indication of a damaged blower motor, but there is also the potential for a bearing to be loose, a pulley problem, or a belt deteriorating.

    A rattle could be a number of things such as the lower furnace motor not having proper balance or potential screws or sheet metal being loose. These are merely a few of what are a multitude of sounds letting you know the furnace needs changing out.

Proper upkeep and annual servicing of your heating unit are critical for its longevity, but ultimately a new unit will be necessary. In learning some warning signs to be aware of if your furnace starts to give out, you’ll be prepared when that time comes.

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