Ducted Heating Installation – Understand the Workings and Major Benefits

Ducted Heating Installation – Understand the Workings and Major Benefits
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    Everyone desires his or her house to be comfortable and safe.

    In places where the temperature falls really low, it becomes essential to find some solution to heat up your living space.


This is where the ducted heating proves to be quite effective and useful. Like the name suggest, ducted heating system involves a heating mechanism and a network of insulated ducts. For example, if you want to warm up only your bedroom and dining hall, you can easily do so by getting the ducts installed in those two rooms only.

Thermostat is the main operating principle for the installation of any ducted heating system

The modern ducted heating solutions come equipped with thermostat. The thermostat is helpful in controlling the temperature. As a result, you can choose the desired temperature as per your comfort level. In fact, you can also go for ducted heating that allows you to select different temperature for different rooms. The basic idea about a thermostat is how you can allow moderate or high or low temperature to set in as part of your domestic environment. You can easily control the heating capacity of any room with the help of a thermostat. So with the right kind of ducted heating, the whole process of warming your rooms becomes easier.

The working of ducted heating system

Before you go ahead with ducted heating installations, let us provide you a little idea of how does the system works. In a ducted heating system, cold air is passed through a heat exchanger. As a result, the cold air gets warmed up through the process of gas combustion. Then the warm air is properly distributed throughout your living space with the help of ducts. The ducts are connected to vents, which in turn are installed in the floor or the ceiling. In this way, the floor gets heated up to a comfortable level, which in turn also warms up the surroundings.

What are the advantages associated with the installation of ducted heating system?

There are many advantages associated with the ducted heating system, which is the reason why the number of service providers has increased tremendously. Some of the main benefits are mentioned below-

  • Ducted heating system delivers impressive efficiency in all sorts of weather condition; even when the temperature outside is subzero. The reason behind this is the way in which the ducts are installed. Since the ducts are installed under the floor, the amount of heat energy that gets wasted is almost negligible.
  • The use of ducts and vents provide better heating effect. In other words, you will not come across the issue of cold spots in the case of ducted heating. All you need to do is hire an experienced company for the installation.

Ducts can be expanded. And they help you to save on your monthly energy bills

  • Easy expansion of the ducts is also possible. In case in future you want to add a room or two to your home, new ducts can be installed and connected to the existing system. So, it does provide a lot of flexibility.
  • When it comes to saving energy, ducted heating systems are very cost efficient. At the time of installation, customers can ask the experts to program the heating system in way that makes it possible to switch on/off the heating of any room without affecting the others, thereby saving you monthly energy bills.
  • Eco friendly- Since the gas based ducted heating systems are highly energy efficient, the amount of greenhouses gases produced is lesser in quantity.

These were some of the major advantages of getting a ducted heating system installed. Make sure to hire a reliable and experienced company to get the job done right.

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