Most Common Issues, When You Skip AC Maintenance

Most Common Issues, When  You Skip AC Maintenance
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    Your air conditioner is a vital part of your home for approximately 6 months a year.

    When the weather is hot, you need to be able to retreat into the coolness of your home or office and recuperate.


However, because the unit is only used for part of the year, it is often forgotten about for the rest of the time. That increases the risk of it failing when you need it the most.

If you haven’t had it serviced recently then you need to be prepared for one of the following issues.

Complete failure

It is rare for an air conditioning unit to fail completely as this would require multiple components to fail simultaneously. However, it is possible.

If this were to happen you would need to contact industrial air conditioning to get a new system installed. Of course, the time it takes to order and install a system means you’ll be suffering in the heat for a while.

Thermostat Issue

A failing thermostat is one of the most common issues faced by owners of air conditioning units.

When this happens it means the until won’t know when to turn on and off, your temperature may not be as cool, or could even be colder than you like.


The evaporator coil is an important part of your air conditioning unit. Air flows around it and the temperature of the liquid inside the coil reduces or increases the air temperature, depending on your need.

If the coils are dirty, full of debris and dust, then the air will not be able to move through the coil properly and the air conditioner will be inefficient, it may even not be capable of cooling the air at all.

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      some AC types to consider      

Filter Issues

The filter on your air conditioner is designed to remove contaminants from the air. This helps to ensure the air inside your home is of good quality.

But, if the filter is not cleaned regularly it will be dirty and this will impede airflow. Not only will the air be contaminated, but the flow will also be less powerful, making it harder to cool your home.


An air conditioner that is never serviced is more likely to develop leaks that will go undetected. This can cause you to lose the cooling fluid and even damage your condenser and coil. The result will be no cool air and potentially a need to replace your air conditioning unit.


The Condenser

Your condenser can become blocked for a variety of reasons. If this happens the unit will no longer be able to cool or heat the air, meaning that it won’t do what you want it to do. If left, it will burn out leaving you with a decision whether to replace the condenser or the entire unit.

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Servicing your air conditioner is best done at the end of the season. This cleans it and prepares it for the next season and avoids the hassle of being unable to book a service at the beginning of the season. If you haven’t done so recently, book your service today.

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