Old Home: 4 Signs You Need a New Furnace

Old Home: 4 Signs You Need a New Furnace
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    Living in an old home can present some issues that owners of newer houses don't have to deal with.

    For one, certain systems in the home may be outdated.


When this is the case, they can work inefficiently or begin to fail entirely. This can result in costly repair bills and spending more for utilities each month.

One thing in your home that should be replaced when it gets too old is your furnace. Doing so can save you lot of trouble and money in the long run. It is also better to do it now rather than suffer through winter with a partially heated home. Below are four signs that you should probably consider installing a new furnace.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

According to Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning, an HVAC system’s ability to create heat or cold can diminish over time thanks to wear and tear on coils, belts, fans and other components. When this occurs, your furnace will have to work much harder to heat your home. This, in turn, will increase your energy bills substantially over time.

It’s Too Cold in Your Home

The purpose of a furnace is to help provide comfort and warmth for the family living within in a house. However, if a furnace ages and becomes inefficient, it will have trouble doing so. You may feel cold in your home even when the furnace is running. That of course would defeat the purpose of paying your heating bills each month. At that point, it may be best to install a new one.

Your Pilot Light Is Yellow

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection states that a yellow or orange pilot light could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is deadly and could present a real threat to your family. If it’s not carbon monoxide, it’s still an indication the furnace is working poorly. A properly working pilot light should be blue.

You Have to Repair Your Furnace Often

Every piece of equipment from automobiles to your furnace eventually depreciates and loses its value. When this occurs, it doesn’t make good financial sense to continue to pay to repair it. You may have to pay for repairs often, and each repair charge could be in the hundreds of dollars. Eventually, it just makes better financial sense to start over with a completely new furnace that won’t require repair work for the foreseeable future.

Like many things, furnaces eventually wear out. When this happens, it can cause your utility bills to rise and the temperature in your home to drop. Under certain circumstances, it can even put your family at risk. If you live in an old home with an old furnace, don’t be afraid to replace it with a new one. It may cost you some money upfront, but it will pay for itself in the long run. You will save money on your energy bills with a new and updated system and you will be able to keep you, your family, and any other guests you have over warm this winter. They will thank you for it.



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