6 Ways to Green your Outdoor Eco-Friendly Home

6 Ways to Green your Outdoor Eco-Friendly Home
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    The needs for different and healthier ways of living are growing.

    Everyone wants to make the difference, have a better home for their family and help the environment, and there is no better way for that but to build your own green home.


Also, with the warmer weather knocking on our doors, it is time to green your outdoor home, too.

Embrace the Concrete

Concrete is the best material you can use and not harm the environment. It can be used for decorating your yard, patio, driveways and exterior finishes. You should consider building your home entirely from concrete. Use concrete or decorative pavers and interlock them to build interesting sidewalks, driveways and your backyard patios. Additionally, concrete offers various benefits since in is the most resource-efficient material, and anything made out of it does not require as much maintenance as wood and lumber. Also, because of its light colour, concrete has higher light reflectivity, thus reduces urban heat island effects.

Lighting Fixtures for Saving Energy

Lighting in your outdoor home is a must, but you should think about saving some energy, too. Consider removing your old lighting because these use too much energy, and reduce your bills. You can replace these with some energy-saving varieties or even install solar power fixtures. Additionally, replace old light bulbs with LED lights, which do not heat up that much and glow brighter. You can install these along your walkways, porches and at the same time give a gorgeous look to your eco-friendly home. To make your home even more energy-efficient, consider putting your lights on timers, so you would not waste any energy during the nights.



Green Roof over Your Head

Old roof you have can be easily damaged by severe rains and storms, which can cost you a lot to repair it. To avoid any excess costs, you should consider installing a green roof system for your home. These eco-friendly roofs have numerous benefits for your home, environment and can even help clear the air. Green roofs are energy-efficient since they provide good insulation and can greatly reduce the amounts of energy waste of your home. Also, these roofs help to improve the quality of the air and encourage biodiversity and wildlife. What is more, they lower the risks of fire, since their burning heat load is low and can moderate the urban heat island effect.

You can view more green energy ideas for your home and garden.

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Have Your Own Garden

To show great appreciation for the earth, you should design your own garden and take care of it. Here you can plant your favourite flowers and fill the air with pleasant smells, or you can plant your own fruits and vegetables and have healthier meals straight from your backyard. Take a big step towards green living and start composting and nourish your garden with only the best things. You can also, have your own composting corner in the yard and cut down on some costs for fertilizing.



Eco-friendly Outdoor Furniture

When decorating and equipping your patio or porch, think about choosing eco-friendly furniture that nicely fits to the whole exterior. The materials you should opt for are recycled plastic, durable wood and stainless steel. These fit perfectly in any style, and show your respect to the environment and reduce pollution. Also, you can buy second hand furniture from garage sales and redecorate them to fit your style. To make things even more eco-friendly, you can set up a few bird feeders and nourish the wildlife.

Stick to it

When embracing the new greener lifestyle, remember to never give up on it. It will take some time for your whole family to get used to the new way of living, but keep focused on your goal and encourage regular cleaning of your garden, recycling and keeping things green. As time goes by, these will become healthy habits of the whole family and you will make the difference.

These few tips can help you change your life and contribute to the better future of our planet. Set your goals, and embrace the beauty of the nature in your outdoor home, and never give up on it.



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