The Top Ten Things you Need to Know About Building a New Home

The Top Ten Things you Need to Know About Building a New Home
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    For some, home ownership is the epitome of the American dream, but for others, this hope extends a step further.

    You need to understand the process - plus you need to note on paper the construction ideas you want in a home prior to starting the process.


Individuals want to have homes constructed specifically to their needs, but doing so requires some knowledge of the process.

1. You can select a pre-existing community

Some communities are ripe for new development, and you can with the heads of the community itself to select the right floor plans. In these developments, you will find many other new constructions as well. In these communities, you will likely have a certain amount of space to which you are entitled.

2. You can buy land

If you are uninterested in moving into a pre-existing community, you can look into purchasing a piece of land to have a house built on it. For example, new homes in Utah can spring up in a variety of places, but cannot always obtain the exact location you want. Some communities, for example, will have no available land for sale.

3. You will need a permit

Simply purchasing a piece of land and constructing a property on it is not something that you can generally just do. Make sure you obtain the necessary permits early on in the process and learn what other steps you must take. You do not want to move halfway through the process only to discover that you missed important preliminary steps.

4. The community may have restrictions on some structures

Since this house is coming into fruition just for you, you may think that you have the ability to do whatever you want. However, neighborhoods often have certain restrictions on some structures and features. For example, the neighborhood may not allow you to have a pool. Therefore, if you really want your own pool, you should look into a different community.

5. Expanding is not always possible

Maybe right now, you are thinking that you would like to build a smaller house and then expand later on as your family grows. Keep in mind that while expanding to some degree is usually a possibility, communities also generally have limits on the extent to which the house can grow.

Okay!, thinking of building. Let’s start with a piece of paper and jot down ideas for every room of the new construction. We can help:

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6. Budget-friendly options are available

Perhaps you are thinking about building a custom house but have some trepidation because of the cost. While these constructions may prove more costly than a house currently on the market, you can work with the construction team to choose a living space within your budget.

7. You will select many details

If you are a person who does not like to plan out elaborate projects, this option is probably not for you. When it comes time to pick out the colors, wallpaper, flooring, layout and other details, you are the one to whom the team will turn.

8. The house must be up to code

You cannot have a house that is built in shambles. The house is going to need to meet certain codes, and you should expect that an inspection will occur before you can live in there.

9. The weather can hamper plans

It’s possible that you want to move into your new home by the time summer comes. Keep in mind, however, that unavoidable factors, such as the weather, can impede the progress made on the home, and you made need to wait longer.

10. The construction must make sense

Perhaps you have visions of the bathrooms in a certain place of the house, for example. However, you will need to make sure that the plumbing is lined up.

Building a new home is an exciting expedition for you and your family, and knowing this information will help you to prepare for the adventure.



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