Checklist for Home Security You Need to Consider While Renovating

Checklist for Home Security You Need to Consider While Renovating
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    An unprotected home what burglars perceive as a treat.

    When a house looks vulnerable (quiet and dark interior, overgrown lawns, outdated doors and windows, and piled up newspapers in the driveway), they will strike.


If your home seems to be empty and gives clues that tell that you are out of town, the risk of theft is increased. There are many ways for you to update your home security system and make your household a much safer place to live. However, the purpose of this article is to advise a specific group of homeowners on improving their home security, and those are the people who are in the process of home renovation.

A house that is being renovated is much more alluring to burglars. There are areas of the residence covered in nothing but traps, and a lot of people stop by, walk in and out, without you knowing who they are, such as contractors and workers. Thus, you have to be a lot more cautious and protect your remodeling investment.

Secure House Elements

Windows – When renovating, people usually want to add more light to a living space by installing large glass windows. If this is a part of your renovating plans, make sure that the windows you are installing are from toughened glass. Also, they should have high-quality locks. Another form of window protection are grilles. Buy the ones with quick release catches on the inside, so the occupants can escape in case of fire.

Doors – One of the most common entry points for burglars is the house door. People sometimes keep the door key withing easy reach of the lock, or just forget to lock them. Older homes have doors that are very well designed, but not strong as they should be. Be sure to replace your old door with a new, stronger one.

Locks – A door or window is strong as its lock. Make sure you install new locks on all doors and windows. It will cost you little, but you will gain a lot. All windows should have keyed locks, and exterior doors should be reinforced with dead latches.

A Well-Lit House Exterior

During renovation, parts of your home may be temporarily exposed to the outside. It is no good if potential intruders have a clear look to the inside of your household, for it increases the chance of burglary. Having outside lights is a good way to turn away or detect burglars.

Home Safe

You can easily lose track of people that go in and out of your house. Homeowners that like to keep certain valuables on display should seriously consider installing a home safe. If you own and collect valuables like 1 oz of gold, silverware, precious artwork, or rare artefacts, then a good safe is what you definitely need. You can choose between three different types of safes: underfloor, wall fitted, and floor/wall fixed. Store your valuables there during renovation.

Clean The Work Zone

Tools usually get scattered around the place when work is in progress. Those tools are valuable, and burglars know it. Always clean up the work zone and keep it uncluttered in order to prevent jobsite theft. Make sure the tools are stored when the work is done for the day.

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A Trustworthy Contractor

It happens that people hire contractors that steal from the homes they work on, and turn out to be dishonest. Always check the company’s references. See if your friends could recommend someone with whom they had no problems during their own home renovations. Be sure to study the contract terms and get a quote in writing before you hire a contractor.

By remodeling your home, you want to improve your home’s appearance and security. However, pay attention to its security during renovation and try to follow these simple tips. Family and home are the two most valuable assets one has, so protection should most certainly be provided.



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