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Home Security

Top Five Reasons to Make Door Alarms Part of Your Home Improvement

When you are considering home improvement projects, you might want to consider installing a door alarm. They improve your security and help to prevent break ins and deter intruders.

Fences and Gates

A Strong Defense: Features to Add to Your Fences That Make Your Home More Secure

In many cases, a strong fence is your home’s first defense against intruders and thieves. You need to make your fence as strong, tall, and solid as possible to keep your home secure.

Home Security

How to Improve Your Home Security in 5 Easy Ways

A burglar is out for one thing – to find a house that’s easy to break in. If your home looks protected enough, chances are they’ll move on to another target.

Home Security

Everyday Bad Habits That Compromise Your Home Security

Your house is your fort – where you have a sense of safety and secure. That is the reason a break-in is expensive, on a monetary level, as well as on an individual level too. It is, to put it plainly, an infringement of your own space.

Home Security

Tips For Making Your Home Safer For You And Your Family

As a parent, there is nothing more important than knowing that your home is secure and safe so the people you love are protected.

Home Security

7 Ways to Safeguard Your Home from Burglary

Your home is the last place that you should ever feel unsafe in. After all, it’s where loved ones and all your belongings reside, so ensuring that it’s safe from burglary is a must.

Home Safety

5 Affordable Renovations That Make the Home Safer

Are you looking for ways to make your home safer and more comfortable without hurting your wallet?

Home Security

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Surveillance Cameras

How much do you know about home surveillance cameras? And what innovative features can you identify with these cameras and why are these features so important?

Home Security

How to Be Sure Your New Home Is Safe

You’ve just bought a new home, and you’re planning to move in. This is an exciting time, but it’s also when you need to focus on safety.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 24: The Future of Smart Homes

Smart homes are rapidly becoming part of our current way of life, more than just a future prediction. We live in the modern age of convenience and growing technology, making smart homes a must have.

Home Safety

Six Cheap Ways to Secure Your Home

After lots of dedication to acquire items, it makes sense to also protect them from intruders. Besides being very expensive to replace items, recovering from stress take almost four month thus deteriorating your health.

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How To Beef Up Security In Your House

Whether you are at home or you have taken a flight to your perfect vacation destination, it is necessary to ensure that your home is well protected.

Home Security

Key DIY Security Inspection Hacks To Help Keep Your Home Safe From Break Ins

While the majority of us are fortunate enough to never experience a burglary, there are a significant number of household invasions — and unsuccessful attempts — that occur annually.

Home Security

Can’t Afford a Complete Home Security System? Here Are 5 Good Alternatives to Protect Your Home

A complete security camera is one of the best protections you can get for your home. It can deter burglars away, notify you in case of a break in or get immediate help if necessary.

Home Safety

The Importance of Protecting Your Home

Being the head of a family is a huge responsibility. There are many different things you have to do to insure the security of the family members that depend on you.

Home Security

Tips For Securing Exterior Buildings

Whether you have an outdoor shed or building that you use to store tools, bikes, etc. in, or you are responsible for the security of public buildings like sports club facilities.

Home Security

How to Build a DIY Home Security System

Protecting your home, valuables, and ensuring the safety of your family does not mean you must spend excessive amounts of money or pay high monthly monitoring fees on an elaborate home security system.

Home Security

4 Things to Do When Taking a Vacation While Renovating Your Home

Making significant home improvements can be both fun and exciting. Studies indicate that making changes to home amounted to $326.1 billion in 2015 being spent.

Home Security

4 Renovations Projects to Make Your Home More Secure

Tweet These three renovation projects don’t demand expert handiwork, and you can complete them in a single weekend. Install a Wall or Floor Safe Freestanding safes — especially smaller models

Home Maintenance

More Than Meets the Eye: Upgrades for Your Home That Go Beyond Aesthetics

When it comes to upgrading your home, you’ve probably spent time picking out flooring, paint colors, and new appliances to create your dream home.