Five Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Five Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful
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    Flourishing green grass is a coveted natural luxury that needs care and attention.

    If the onset of spring is getting you worried about the grass being greener on the other side rather than your own, here are a few tips to help you out:


Climate Consideration:

Let your local climate be the deciding factor for your breed of grass. There are various kinds of grasses, particularly warm season grasses and cool season grasses; popular grass breeds from the former type are Bentgrasses, Fescues, and Ryegrasses whereas favorites from the latter kind include Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, and Centipedegrass.

Your lawn can comprise one grass breed or even a combination of breeds. It may get tricky if you’re based in a transition zone where the climate is too hot for some grasses and vice versa; in that case factors like sunlight availability and drought frequency should be taken into account.

Mow Your Lawn Effectively

Proper mowing is essential to keep your lawn tamed and groomed. Mow your lawn only when it is dry, and do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade’s length in one cutting or it will become susceptible to pests.

When it comes to the type of mower, conventional options consume a lot electricity and can take a toll on your utility bills. Also, gasoline mowers can affect the health of your lawn as well as your personal health. However, a reel mower for your lawn offers many advantages and is better for both the environment and your budget. Such mowers come with innovative features that provide all the benefits of conventional lawn mowers without the frustrating drawbacks.

Irrigate According to Soil Type

Choose an irrigation pattern according to your soil type. For best results, irrigate 4 to 6 inches below the soil so the grass roots grow deeper and stronger.

If you have a clay soil you won’t need to irrigate often because it retains moisture and dries out slowly, whereas sandy soils dry out quickly and require frequent irrigation. The perfect amount of water in the soil will retain important nutrients and make the grass lively and green.

Nourish Your Lawn Naturally

Your lawn needs to be fed regularly, and naturally, to be healthy and thriving. Provide nourishment to your lawn by leaving natural grass clippings on it. These are packed with most of the nutrition required by the soil. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides should be avoided as they provide little nourishment and harm the ecosystem.

The clippings decompose naturally if the soil is biologically active and contains oxygen, bacteria, fungi, and insects. To keep your soil healthy and biologically active, choose a smaller amount of fertilizer and pesticides, and opt for only organic options.

Aerate for Healthier Grass

Lawn aeration is important for a healthy looking lawn, and just like all other living beings, your lawn needs its share of water and air to survive. Proper air circulation lessens soil compaction and allows water and nutrients to reach deeper in the soil.

Aeration is more important if you have people and pets often walk around your lawn. If your soil feels spongy and becomes dry too often, then you need to aerate in order to improve water movement through the soil. Always aerate during growing season so that the soil can fill up as the grass grows.



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