Why Removing Your Old Lawn Can Be a Good Idea

Why Removing Your Old Lawn Can Be a Good Idea
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    All too many of us obsess over the look, feel and functionality of our lawns.

    Whether we have a small front lawn or a huge backyard space, there are many different possibilities and arrangements for how our lawns can look.


Anyone who has spent copious amounts of time outdoors understands that the appearance of property plays a role in how he or she is viewed. Some may gasp in horror at the idea, but there are many good reasons why you might wish to scrap entirely the current rendition of your lawn for a new solution. Below, we’ll talk about why this is the case.

Environmental Friendliness

Some lawns require not just tons of attention, but tons of resources. From the annual plants that are rooted in the soil and that take tons of resources to produce, ship and maintain, to the chronic water, fertilizer and care that is required for a perfectly manicured lawn, it takes a lot of energy to sustain some outdoor areas.

This – when replicated countless millions of times – puts a strain on our environment and resources. Because of this, an increasing number of people are opting for “natural” yards that require minimal watering and maintenance. Natural grasses are a perfect choice, as many in the United States have discovered. Drought-ravaged California in particular has seen an explosion of natural lawns, with homeowners using a variety of grasses and non-grasses alike to produce beautiful scenery that doesn’t require extensive watering or care.

No Maintenance

Wouldn’t we all love to enjoy a lawn that looks great and that requires next to no regular maintenance? Until recently, it wasn’t possible. Now, however, we have residential synthetic grass options available that look and feel real (Check out Grono to see them).

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With many different colors and textures to consider, you can be sure to find an artificial grass solution that goes well in your neighborhood and with any existing home lawn elements. These lawns can be easily cleaned with water, drain rainwater like traditional lawns, do not fade due to consistent exposure to sunlight and will stand up to any wear and tear of a normal yard.

Professional installation can be arranged and most artificial grass installations last up to twenty years or more – making the investment well worth it.

Less Stress

You may have many different home improvement and remodeling ideas planned for the months and years ahead. You may find it difficult to relax at home whenever lawn work is waiting. Removing an artificially manicured lawn can actually help in both of these areas, believe it or not.

A large amount of work-related stress can spell disaster for our mental and physical well-being. By eliminating a common worry of homeowners from the equation, homeowners can focus more on relaxing when at home (instead of focusing on how best to handle the chores of lawn work). The act of letting nature reclaim most or all of the lawn can make any necessary lawn work quick and easy.

Furthermore, very few remodeling and design plans around the home have an indirect benefit of reducing the amount of recurring work that is necessary on the property. Because of this, reverting your lawn to a natural state by removing the artificial pomp and circumstance can provide you with more time to focus on other areas of home improvement.



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