Be The Star of The Neighborhood: Getting Green Grass

Be The Star of The Neighborhood: Getting Green Grass
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    There's nothing more satisfying than a lush green lawn at the peak of summer.

    The smells of freshly cut grass and the sounds of lawn mowers and sprinklers are the true essence of home ownership in the summertime.


There are lots of ways to ensure you can have a thick, healthy lawn that will be sure to impress the entire block.

Fertilize Like a Pro

Start with a good quality fertilizer. Buying the cheapest bag on the endcaps won’t get you any closer to a greener lawn. Granular fertilizer has proven to be especially effective because it wards off disease and weeds and allows the grass to grow more thickly. If your lawn is already well established, use a slow releasing granular fertilizer so the nutrients are absorbed during the times when the grass is growing more quickly.

Schedule Like a School Marm

Be efficient in your fertilizer scheduling. Your lawn should be fertilized four times a year, keeping in mind that more frequent fertilization can actually be damaging to the grass. In early spring, apply a crabgrass preventer. It will prevent crabgrass, spurge, and other pesky weeds. When spring rolls around, apply a weed and feed to build turf and kill dandelions and other weeds with just one application. In summer, fertilize with a product that has slow release nitrogen and a good amount of iron to keep it in tip top shape. Finally, in the fall use a good general fertilizer to protect the grass’s integrity over the winter months.

Cut Like a Hair Stylist

Your grass is better off kept at a longer length, so don’t go crazy like a cheap hair stylist and whack your grass down to nothing. Grass should be kept at 3-4 inches long to encourage growth in bare spots, to protect soil, and allow moisture to remain in the soil.

Ask for Help Like a Woman

Women aren’t ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes growing a lawn from scratch or even maintaining one can be overwhelming with busy summer schedules. Orders are delivered right to your door and include a starter fertilizer to ensure proper establishment. Experienced and knowledgeable staff will lay the sod down for you and give you tips to keep it healthy and green.

Whether you like to do things from the ground up or you like to get a little help, there are a myriad of ways to get a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. With just a little pre-scheduled maintenance year round and careful care, you’ll have the greenest lawn on the street.

Get help from a Vancouver sod company, such as Western Turf Farms Ltd, for a lawn that’s instantly beautiful and easy to care for.



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