The Secrets to Painless Bathroom Renovations

The Secrets to Painless Bathroom Renovations
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    The bathroom is the most used room in the house.

    It needs to conduct its purpose – but it also needs to feel relaxing and create a sense of calm – while also effectively storing all of life’s bathroom necessities for various household members.


That’s a diverse list of requirements for one small room, but it is achievable. Bathrooms are typically small, shared spaces however can be made to feel big and individual by scaling, smart storage and planning.


Small spaces can be made to look even smaller by using vision limiting fixtures. For example, small tiles in a small room create too much for the eye to look at and the space can appear cluttered. An alternative is larger tiles with less grout lines. Similarly, using a ground mounted vanity takes away valuable ‘void’ space which allows your eye to rest and take in the features of the room. Selecting fixtures that will extend the eye and create the illusion of space is also fundamental to creating a comfortable space.

Smart Storage

The most effective storage solutions use the resources that exist in the structure of the room. You can take advantage of the stud work in your bathroom putting in a recessed shaving cabinet (or double if the room allows) to store all your necessary products and high use personal grooming tools. The walls of the shower can also be recessed to house hair, body and face products. A recess box is also a great means to display a feature tile adding colour, depth or texture to the room.

The vanity choice is paramount in a bathroom, for larger spaces the vanity is a means of showcasing more industrial style pieces while smaller spaces benefit from lighter natural building materials. The grounding of the vanity also adds to the feel of the room, either floating from the wall or grounded to the floor. Each look has its merits depending on how much space you have and what you want the focus point of the room to be.


Why is planning the last tip? Because before you plan you need to really explore what your tastes are and what design options are available to you. You should only really start planning once you have worked out the ‘feel’ of your room you are hoping to achieve. Then comes the fun part: selecting the type of fixtures, fittings and tiles that will create that feel. You can edit your choices and determine how it will all come together as you go along.

If you’ve decided on a wall hung vanity, then you need to allow for stud work to secure the vanity to. For a recessed shaving cabinet and recessed shower boxes you need to think of placement for height, width, quantity and will be they symmetrical or asymmetrical. Further, the elements need to be within easy reach for all bathroom users (not just the chief designer) to prevent future frustrations at reaching too far for the shampoo or the recess being too narrow to house common products.

The practicality of electrical outlets need to be considered as they can be aesthetically placed within shaving cabinets, but this needs to be planned for when the sheeting is off and framing out is being conducted, not once the bathroom is complete. The height and location of toilet roll holders, towel rails and rings is also important at this stage as stud work needs to be placed in the wall for these items. Questions to ask are can you reach your towel from the shower? Do you want/need to step outside of shower and how far do you want to reach? These are seemingly innocuous questions, but ones you will never regret spending time thinking about.

The secret to renovating a bathroom that will satisfy you for years to come is posing simple, practical questions about functionality, layout and use. You need to make sure your bathroom meets the needs of your family as well as adds value to your property. A well-executed renovation plan can make your bathroom layout appear effortless.

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